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Turanaxyl Reviews

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  • pinchisande3
  • 11 months ago

Alternаtive to Turаnaxyl - hypе I recеived the order and it wаs on time and thе pills work greаt.

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  • BodyOpus79
  • 4 years ago

I'm running 60mg a day, and while this is, I think, my 4th cycle of kalpa brand, it feels nothing like it did on my first ever cycle of t-bol, which was by Gen-shi. When I ran the first cycle, it was everything id ever wanted in a steroid: Packed on 20 lbs spooky-fast, looked dry, hard and vascular, no side effects. With kalpa, I put the same weight on very fast, but don't seem to look as dry, and vascularity not quite as sharp. Maybe it's simply because the gen-shi was my first-ever cycle?

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  • wez
  • 4 years ago

test p was way under dosed

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  • Baby Herc
  • 6 years ago

I ran it for 6 weeks. My cousin gave it to me cause he had left overs. I ran 40 mg for 5-6 wk's I can't really remember. I was impressed with the product. It did way more than I thought it would do. Great feeling of Tightness....

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  • safetyfirst21
  • 7 years ago

Very good. Comparable to Balkan Turanabol.

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  • Djent
  • 7 years ago

Turanaxyl was my first cycle ever.
I ran it at 40 then 50mg ED, during 6 weeks.
Results : 5 kg of lean muscle, no sides at all.

Great !

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  • IronAddict
  • 7 years ago

I've been running this for the first time at 60mg ED. There was an immediate increase in strength, and all of my lifts when up by 10 lbs. There was a little bit of water retention, but not nearly as much as with dBol. I've stopped deadlifting because of the back pumps. It works well for a kickstart. Another good Kalpa product.

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  • lion-o
  • 8 years ago

I try this one from Euroking, and i juts love it! 40-60mg/day and very good results, looks harder and bigger, good gains and pumps, less water retention than others...great product, very happy wiht Kalpa

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  • hugetom
  • 8 years ago

G2G bros. Less water retention than with dianoxyl. First 6 weeks at 40mg/day.

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  • tootallslim
  • 8 years ago

okay, these guys are legit. Kalpa labs Turanaxyl was well packaged and the Tbol was GTG. I ran it as a test at 40mg a day for 4 weeks solo and gained about 6 lbs. I could feel awesome pumps, rock hard muscles and strenght gains. (sides: indigestion and lower back pumps) I just wish I could find another supplier because Roidseek is good but just too slow for delivery.