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Trenabol 75
(British Dragon EU)

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Trenabol 75 Reviews

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  • BAN
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  • mooj
  • 4 years ago

I had a vial of this sent to me as a substitute for another brand that was out of stock. From my experience of using a lot of Tren ace its definitely Over dosed - 1ml is not just 75mg. Good stuff, the only reason I would never buy any out of choice is the fact I've had the Worst Ever Test prop from them which felt completely empty so it felt like I was just pinning tren ace with no test for a week which was horrendous! I could barely move...

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  • REG
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  • VinnyVar
  • 5 years ago

Recently, I have not found this product to be authentic. I don't think anyone has. The rumors flooded the forums about this company shutting down and then a copycat picked it up. From both of my experiences with it, You either get very under-dosed gear or bunk.

  • jrin21's picture
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  • jrin21
  • 8 years ago

Definetely a good product 2nd week and strength gains are through the roof !

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  • samurai
  • 9 years ago

First time using tren-ace. I noticed my bodyfat was decreasing and arms and legs were becoming vieny. Appetite increased and more aggresive thoughts. Pin 3cc per week eod mon/wed/friday weekend off. I also had the tren-tri however used tren-ace since I was at the last 3 weeks of cycle and this product has fast esters (1-2 days).