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  • ZeusProdigy
  • 6 years ago

I have used the "CentrinoLab Test Cyp" and "CentrinoLab Tren 100 (50mg Acetate/50mg Enanthate)" for a few weeks now and after getting lab tests I have found the Testosterone to be ridiculously under dosed! Product contains only about 1/3 of advertised MG's according to my lab results. This leads me not to trust any of their other injectables

Here is a link to lab tests showing under dosed Testosterone:

This review only applies to CentrinoLab products from

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  • betheman
  • 8 years ago

Any thoughts on dosage here? 1 cc every three or four days? The mix is what is making me guess (prop and E in the same bottle).

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1 cc everyday sounds good to me.Its gonna take awhile fo0r the tren e to kick and tren a needs to be ran eveyday.