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  • Razeet21
  • 2 years ago

How do i order?

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  • Dfulton0312
  • 3 years ago

Love this stuff!

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  • Foster477
  • 6 years ago

I'm new to all this. What is pip

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post injection pain.
could be due to a higher percentage of benzyl alcohol or injection technique.

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  • Finchman
  • 7 years ago

I'm not on test p, but I am on usp test e. I couldn't find a place to review so I'll leave it right here. First off, my libido is through the fucking roof! It's almost too much to handle. I swear I must be putting off some pheromones because I've had random chicks all on my nuts. As for drive, I'm having to make myself leave the gym. No pip, no flu. All around imo this is some good stuff.

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  • imagingguy
  • 7 years ago

I'm turning 35 in a couple of weeks and want to get back to the body/mind I had while lifting in my mid 20s..think this will help, not sure where to click for it?

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Try: Sources>>Gorilla Gear>>> Injectable>>> And scroll down until you find these product. Additional info for cycle and PCT you can find it here on Community>>>Forums>>>Steroid Cycles.

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  • iforged05
  • 7 years ago

Used this prop for the first 4 week with their npp. Good to go! 150mg prop/100mg npp. It kicked in around week 2 for me, and the pip wasnt bad at first, however, it got bad later on. I highly recommend this product, good gear, and without a doubt you wont think twice if it's legit!

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  • bosuj
  • 7 years ago

used usp prop as a kick starter for 4 weeks and the last 2 weeks after a 12 week cycle of test e at 800mg per week. i did the usp prop at 100 mg eod and had great pumps. did have some pip but honestly i would rather have pip knowing that its legit rather than having no pip and questioning my gear. by the end of my 12 week cycle had put on 16 pounds, a solid 12 pounds and 4 of probably water weight. usp prop is defiantly G2g

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  • AlphaUnit
  • 7 years ago

Usp prop if fire no doubt. Ran it and tren eod new from the get go it was awesome within a week. Libido thro the roof....pip was bad at first but been along time since I had ran prop.. If u have this prob. Heat syringe under hot ass water for 3-5 mins. Works wonders! Also 1 1/2 in the glute.. The deeper the better, I used a 1in in my quad and was crippled for a week....from now on out in the glute and deep as possible and always warming it....this should help u out mike7

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  • mike7
  • 7 years ago

I am currently running my first cycle of all USP pharma test e/p which began on April 2nd...Considering it has been 2.5 weeks on this Prop I decided its been enough time to write a review...Let me start off by saying thought because I pinned bunk gear before I could handle to pip...I was Wrong the first week my first pin of prop and e mixed together lasted almost a whole week! However the prop alone the pip lasted around 4-5 days week one. Week 2 was a little better, but people still asking me why I was limping haha..Now the third week I pinned Monday and today 1cc and have yet to feel pip, so it does get better!!! I believe this prop is 100% dosed properly, and you may say hmm it your first time how do you know? Well let's say libido was up by end of week 1, was getting headaches due to high blood pressure if wasn't eating enough or drinking enough water, oily ski and had an all around feeling of well being. Now I will say I felt a little bit of strength increase in week 2 but honestly my PIP was effecting my workouts a little, but the start of week 3 I can really feel my strength going up as well as my endurance for cardio, not to mention the pumps I'm receiving! All in all I love this prop and glad I chose it for my first experience with prop...will be getting bloods run in a couple weeks so keep an eye out!! 5 stars!!!

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  • HTS_beast
  • 7 years ago
  • @mike7

Shit bro you had me worried about the pip....I hit guads glutes and ventro. Hit glutes yesterday and just felt that kicks as feeling had some prop in my ass. No pain at all smooth as hell.....cant wait for the pumps....Keep doing what you do USP you got me on board as long as the quality stays this high.

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  • eastcoastmuscle
  • 7 years ago

usp prop definately seems to be one of the higher quality test props i have ever used. made a switch from axio over to this and it seems to have more of a kick actually. love this stuff and would definatley run it again as my test of choice

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  • NastyNate
  • 7 years ago

Used this for the majority of my cycle....very good gear. Overdosed IMO, had to dial my dosage back from 200mg EOD to 150mg EOD. Sides were kicking in this stuff. Hope I can pin this prop for every cycle forever!!! 5stars in terms of quality gear with quality packaging!

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  • MAC
  • 7 years ago

Using this stuff currently, it is properly dosed for sure. I get such a great sense of well being on this prop its crazy, its real thin oil too so it draws and shoots easy. Moderate pip but nothing compared to some other prop I've used. Oily skin, high blood pressure, all there, including all day long pumps when I pin it. Love this stuff and would definitely buy more!