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Testos-P 100

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Testos-P 100 Reviews

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  • Mars
  • 8 years ago

was looking to get some of this and the testos -PH 100 but they're out of stock .. looks like everyone's loving this stuff.. I'd like to report the testos -E 250 is great, a lil thick but no real pip and great quality imo. don't understand why only some of the products are listed lol

  • hambone37's picture
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  • hambone37
  • 9 years ago

Any update on TESTOS-P 100, as far as quality and potentcy. I have a couple bottles I picked up a few months ago.

  • Jtizzle's picture
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  • Jtizzle
  • 9 years ago

Great prop. Been on it 2 weeks @100mg eod. Has gotten my current cycle kicked of right. Smooth and quality has been great .

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Any pip to that bad boy?

  • Jtizzle's picture
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First week i did 50mg everyday, pinned quads too much and ended up in pretty bad pain. But now i am workin a good rotation and pinning eod. Lil tender but gone by next morning bro