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Propionate Reviews

  • Rosser01's picture
  • BAN
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  • Rosser01
  • 5 years ago

Arl has some great Prop. This stuff is just as good as any no pip, libido is strong, aggresion Everything that you look for in good Prop>>!!!

  • Shackman's picture
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  • Shackman
  • 5 years ago

Just got this shipped to me in Australia.

It took about 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Communication by email was sometimes slow but emailes we're answered.

I will definitely order again

  • FIRE0808's picture
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  • FIRE0808
  • 6 years ago

The Prop is great! ARL had a beautiful and professional looking labels now!

  • mopits's picture
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  • mopits
  • 7 years ago

PIP free and it's fire! Good stuff

  • Carlos Danger's picture
  • EXP
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  • Carlos Danger
  • 8 years ago

Have to say this Prop out of all the Prop I've used had the least amount of PIp out of all. The EO used makes this stuff pin like butter. I'd pin and not even be able to feel it a day later. The older I get the more I ask myself why I would use gear that has monster PIp. Why when u don't have to. This stuff gave my libido the fuel it needed to perform and the endurance in the gym to keep up with my high volume program on this 20+ wk cutter Im on. Love me some prop and this stuff was killer.

  • Pumpering's picture
  • BAN
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  • Pumpering
  • 8 years ago

This is the BEST prop ive ever used. Ive used 3 of the top 5 sources on eroids, and this is better than all of them!!!!

  • MoreJuicePlease's picture
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  • MoreJuicePlease
  • 8 years ago

what sources have arl?

  • House's picture
  • LVL3
  • 311

Arl has Arl.haha.

  • warel's picture
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  • warel
  • 8 years ago

The best prop i ve ever tried no pip at all and very good effect even 36 hours later the first injection , second time i use it . Good to go !

  • nopainnogain's picture
  • REG
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  • nopainnogain
  • 8 years ago

price wawwww
good product !!!!!!


  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 8 years ago

Having tried 5 or 6 different props I have to say ARL's is the best so far.... Agree with Nitti, no pip and very potent.... Made sure I've got a few bottles at all times... ;o)

  • Nitti's picture
  • EXP
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  • Nitti
  • 8 years ago

I've used prop from many different labs. This is by far the best! Absolutely no pip, smooth and potent!

  • Trevorb24's picture
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  • Trevorb24
  • 8 years ago
  • @Nitti

Nitti can you send me a message on here? Need help with [censored]

  • Tip07's picture
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  • Tip07
  • 8 years ago

This is the first prop I've done, so I really can't compare this to any other prop. I have done test cyp and test enanthate, but no prop before now. Anyway I've been doing the ARL prop for about 2 weeks and I can already tell my strength is up, way up! My libido is definitely up, and I just simply feel better all around. I have tons more energy and its so much easier to get going in the morning, and no dragging my ass by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. It's like daylight and dark since I started the test! Anyway I can't say enough about this ARL prop, I LOVE IT!!