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Depo-Test 250

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Depo-Test 250 Reviews

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  • ripped56
  • 6 years ago

I got the Test E from a source here, this is great value Test. Very happy and would order this brand again. I wish they did NPP as that's in my next cycle.

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  • Aesthetics_Forev
  • 6 years ago

Very good quality, but make sure it's legit by checking all the security features, including the code from the official website. Predominantly a Thai brand, good for a quick cycle in Thailand.

  • sh4rksh4d0w's picture
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  • sh4rksh4d0w
  • 8 years ago

got this from Nosha and it's the best Test E I've tried, gained 10 lbs only from using 1 10ml bottle over the course of 1 month, it comes with insane libido and acne

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You gained 10 lbs in one month from test e?

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  • teoman
  • 9 years ago

When you buy this, you should be sure to have your seller (in case of stealth style deliveries) to also quote you the "secure number" and "serial number" for your vial/s, as you can use these on the Unigen website (see "quality control" link) to verify that the product in your hand is legitimate - however as a security measure they will only let you verify it once, so counterfeiters won't be able to send out an entire batch with the common serial of a real vial.

I go into detail with the above because it's not something a lot of people consider, but that simple check can put your mind at ease to concentrate on more important details during your cycle - such as training!

The product is approved by the Thai FDA, and from experience on a reasonably low dose cycle (250mg/wk @ 10wks) I can give it my own approval without hesitation.

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I have used this at 250 mg a week for TRT (I don't know what I was thinking), and I concur that at this those it is easy to put on some quality mass. I am a Unigen fanboy, hardcore as they come, and I stand by this product. However, remember boys, always check that your product is genuine as there is a significant chance of getting fakes, also in the east, Thailand and Vietnam etc. If you get the real deal, I think you will like it very much :D

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How is their test prop bro?

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Well I can only tell you that the proprionate ester in the Sustanon seems to be A-OK :D The reason why I switched from enanthate to a Sustanon was because the enanthate was making me go through highs and lows on a weekly basis. I felt much more stable with the Sustanon and this in part due to fact that Sustanon contains the proprionate ester, a fast acting ester. From my experience, you will not be dissapointed if you manage to pick up a genuine vial of the proprionate ester from Unigen.

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Hi dude, I got one vial of this gear from AF. I tried to check the security code in the lab's site but it's down... WTF¡

Will post pics