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Lixus Primo

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Lixus Primo Reviews

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  • mwalker
  • 7 years ago

I agree undosed ran 600mgs wk for 10wks didnt like the results alOng side test p which was a diff lab
Imo not a lixus fan

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  • batybatista
  • 8 years ago

i have been used after original primo bayer, definetily underdosed.

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  • himan
  • 8 years ago

Used this gear and did'n get expected gains. I think surely underdosed, will post pics.

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  • IamAbeast
  • 9 years ago

finally a review that says how product is instead of got my package on time thanks bang

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  • bangwhosnext
  • 9 years ago

Used this @ 750mg per week for 16 weeks. The effects were subtle, leading me to believe it was underdosed. Also used Lixus anavar on a different occasion which seemed to be a tad weak also. Conlusion is that Lixus products may be sub-par.

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comment deleted, user has at least 22 fake accounts

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No, I didnt stack it wih test. I used Primo as I was looking for something that wouldn't affect my mood or be too harsh on my hpta. I have used Test many imes in the past and I didnt like the it affected my mood and I also hated the recovery period during pct which is why I chose to use drugs like primo and anavar. While using these, I made sure to use hcg and arimidex throughout, which helped me avoid any shutdown and the recovery pct was almost seemless.
As far as Lixus labs goes, I have used other brands of primo and anavar in the past which seemed to be at least twice as strong as lixus. A friend of mine was halfway through a cycle of Tren and started to run out, so I got him some lixus Tren. Afer only a few days, his gains had noticibly dropped and he never reached the muscularity or strength he had on the previous brand while using Lixus.
In my opinion Lixus is ok. You will get something from it, but it just seems to be underdosed.

  • anon

I've been keeping a close eye on lixus reviews and id say 90% r very happy with their results but theirs that 10% or so who r like blah. I think dan88 is right wen saying that ugls dosage prob varies from batch to batch. Even tho primo should b stacked with sumthin(at least test) @ 750mgs a week for 16 weeks u should of got dramatic results! Idk...

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more like 90% say garbage and 10% say its good.ill go with the 90%.