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AR-R Prami

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Oral PCT by ar-r know as prami. Substance: pramipexole

AR-R Prami Reviews

  • dclifton5's picture
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  • dclifton5
  • 6 years ago

Ran 2, 8 week cycles of tren 1st cycle 300mg acetate ew, 2nd cycle 400mg enthanate ew, while using .25 ml ed of prami. No prostagen sides what so ever.

  • Liquidex's picture
  • SRC
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  • Liquidex
  • 7 years ago

Ahhhh Rui products....Funny thing about Rui is that some of their batches are properly dosed and others are severely underdosed. First time I did PCT it did right through and 2nd one not so lucky. so have other pct source on hand before buying.

  • zi1's picture
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  • zi1
  • 7 years ago

i ordered it on saturday...no email with tracking nm,nothing...and now site is down for 3days...wrote an email to custservice no respond for 2days.igues i got kicked in the nuts:///

  • bcbroome's picture
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  • bcbroome
  • 7 years ago

Sorry man never run that product by them but have run alot of thier PCT and Letro for gyno once and all of those products worked great. Dosed Letro like I read to do and knocked gyno out. Even got some of the joint aches associated with consistant use of Letro.