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  • ggec300's picture
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  • ggec300
  • 7 years ago

Made 2 orders from this site. first was test prop, second was tren ace and clomid.

Communication & Ordering process

communication was prompt and clear.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

packaging was good and t/a was very good both times about 3 days from order to door.

Items ordered

test prop
tren ace

Product effectivenes and experience

test prop- ran at 75mg per day, worked quickly, libido was up, strength was up, pip was normal for 100mg/ml. overall i was satisfied with this product.
tren ace- ran 75mg per day as well, no insomnia, no night sweats, no strength gains, nothing but the absolute worse pip ive ever experienced, area got rock hard and red for a week following each injection. ran for as long as i could stand it before deciding it was bunk.
clomid- ran normal pct doses for 4 weeks, worked well, balls were back to size after 2 weeks, no hcg ran during this short cycle.

Additional commentary

from my experience this labs products are hit or miss, order at your own risk. cant say that i would order again from a source i cannot trust 100%

I DO NOT recommend shopping here!
  • Meinuntergang's picture
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  • Meinuntergang
  • 8 years ago

OK! So, this source is actually good to deal with. Good communication, fast shipping and it's all wrapped discreetly. But, the gear is definitely weak-sauced. The Tren gave me the cough, but it's definitely very under-dosed. Same goes with the Prop and Anavar. I might Trash the NPP or give it to one of the kids at the gym. Strength is up but by a little, size is up, but I'm doing brutal German Volume Training and I'm eating modestly, about 200 grams of protein with 100-150 carbs and 75 grams of fat, and my goal is to cut down and maybe have a slight gain in lean body mass, well..... my progress so far is identical to what I did without the juice.