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  • kth3446
  • 5 years ago

I wanted to make sure i used these guys a few times before i submitted them. i will review my last order which was bayer provi,oxydine mast p and gen shi hcg. i have fulpy used all products and am definetly s pharma/hg convert. nothing comes close to bayer, it is spectacular and i had no idea there could be such a huge difference. with that i finished my mast run with oxydine mast p and don't think ill run any other again.

Communication & Ordering process

Always on point, your best bet is early a.m. but they always come thru and always do what they say.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

It was great for intl, only 10 days from payment to door. packaging was pretty clever and i felt good about it.

Items ordered

1 Oxydine mast p
60 25mg bayer proviron
5000 iu gen shi hcg

Product effectivenes and experience

I love this mast, i switched from a. very popular overseas ugl that people ravedcabout and oxydine blew it away.

i can't say enough about bayer provi, i will never use ug or what's often considered hg when it comes to this stuff. pharma just can't be beat.

This was actually my second vial of gen shi hcg and its definetly my preferance.

Additional commentary

I completely lucked out finding these guys and as long as nothing goes wrong they will be my go to for important stuff or the stuff that's hard to find genuine. i got some caber and a few other things coming that ill review once used.

I recommend shopping here!