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ZRT Labs Reviews

  • White Bolt's picture
  • LVL3
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  • White Bolt
  • 6 years ago

Went ahead and submitted this lab because it wasn't on the site yet.

Very simple, quick, and easy home kits you can order off Amazon or their main website.

I ordered a home saliva test for testosterone levels, and all you have to do is spit in the test tube they provide, and fill it at least half way full. Put the specimen in a bag they provide and seal, then attach the prepaid postage also provided and send it back.

Results will be sent by mail within a week. Overall very pleased with this lab, because blood labs aren't available in my area. Would recommend.

  • Sunman's picture
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  • Sunman
  • 6 years ago

ZRT is a legit hormone saliva test lab I have been using for years. I have compared the test results to my doctors blood tests and they are very close. It's a great way to test your testo and other hormones for cheap $35.00 for testo kit. Every time I get a new batch I test.