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Venice United Reviews

  • miggymig's picture
  • LVL3
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  • miggymig
  • 5 years ago

Stuff is good at least the Test P I am using it along with some dbol as a jump start has a wicked pip but that all good. I pinned 1cc eod felt nice by the end of the first week pumps up agression up hard on for days all normal Test P signs LOL I want to try something else from them when I get a chance

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  • Italians
  • 5 years ago

I picked some of this stuff up at my gym in December. I have been on TestE300. I am on week 7 and feel great I am up 12 lbs and my pumps are off the hook.The way I understand it, this is just a local(local to my area anyway) UGL. If you can get your hands on it run it.