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ROHM Labs Reviews

  • Saysitasitis's picture
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  • Saysitasitis
  • 1 year ago

I was sceptical about ordering from a site I have never used before. But I can confirm that I ordered T5 / containing 50ml ethedrine. I followed the process and paid by bank transfer gave him the heads up ,and within 30 seconds got a reply to confirm my order would be posted out the following day and it was, and by special delivery before 1pm so I can confirm this is a good source if you want quick orders. The products are genuine and the Guy is a gent. I Will definitely be back when I want that item again.

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  • Beast00
  • 3 years ago

Tested the Rohm Tren-E
very good tren strong no pip
in the moment i have 3 best labs infitis/sis Rohm labs
thx aisgood
good job
great product

  • RifleGreen's picture
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  • RifleGreen
  • 6 years ago

Used a source on here last year, (top of the list at the time) and got a tub of oxys to kick start with. 100mg pd for the first 4 weeks and may as well used tic tacs.... Nothing.... Zero..... Now i know ROHM have been spot on before but these oxys had b**ger all active ingredients in them. Beware.

  • bwawmkush's picture
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  • bwawmkush
  • 6 years ago

I Got R.O.H.M. PCT 120 Tablets from G4M. I used them as directed for PCT following a 4 week PC Dbol only cycle at 40mg ED.

Four PCT Tabs contain the equivalence to 50mg Clomid, 20mg Nolva, 25mg Proviron & PT141 Sex Hormone/Test Booster.

I took 2 PCT Tabs in the AM & 2 PCT Tabs in the PM for 30 days and recovered just fine I felt a little emotional to begin with for the first few days but after that seemed fine. Sex drive went up too!

R.O.H.M. Seem like an excellent lab to me its just a shame they can be quite hard to come across genuine's these days :(

I would definitely use their PCT Tabs again!

  • aisgood's picture
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Used myself love it

  • TARANIS's picture
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  • 6 years ago

you dont get ROHM in usa
brilliant lab. probs one of the best in uk
which is a shame as i think you yanks would love it.
one of my favourites and would be yours too

  • TARANIS's picture
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  • 6 years ago

love rohm especially there MTPM ,TTM ,MTREN,TREN-E, ACE and also had a soft spot for there test hept,
has to be close to the top of my ugl list,
im hearing a lot of fakes are rearing there ugly head ,but easy to spot to the informed eye.