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Optimal Labs Reviews

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  • fr33lif3
  • 6 years ago

Very first cycle I ever ran was with AB's test E. I had NO DAMN CLUE at the time that I was running some of the best shit goin around! Might I add, I also put on 21 pounds over 12 weeks, and kept it all.

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My first cycle was from AB. I wish he was still around. Legal issue got him. Hated hearing that. I still have a ton of his EQ and Deca tho;) Wish i would have loaded up on his Test and tren.

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This lab was the first lab I used on eroids! He went private shortly after I use him and i stuck with him till he went out! He had by far the best gear I have every tried! And the best part was cash no WU! I was skeptical at first but I was made a believer! He sent my shit every time! When I did his tren and prop it was incredible what I looked like after 2-4 weeks! Veins bulging and lean out was super on that shit I felt like I a million bucks But the sweating was crazy! I would wake up uncovered and the sheets were soaked I was laying on!

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COuldnt have said it better myself. I miss AB so much. I ran his test p tren a mast p ED with EQ 2x a week. Ran it for about 15 weeks put on 35lbs shredded. But as u said Id sweat through the sheets not only the sheets I'd drench the matress. Youd have to wring it out. my wife would lay towels and blankets under me and none the less I sweated straight through them and the matress. I swear she could've been a nurse. Shed change the sheets towels and everything right from under me and wouldnt lose a wink a sleep. She said shed change the towels from underneath me atleast 4-5 times a night

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  • Bassnectar
  • 6 years ago

The test p and sustanon was some good shit for real; veins outta my ass. My boy got his tren and test e and he couldn't handle the power of the tren!

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  • barbellGORILLA
  • 6 years ago

The Best! AB was #1