Northern Trust Pharmaceuticals

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Northern Trust Pharmaceuticals Reviews

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  • BAN
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  • bbop
  • 4 years ago

Ordered a bunch of items from here awhile ago, mostly test and eq and tren e. They had bad pip at 300 per ml and had my suspicious about the tren e being properly dosed. I asked to switch them out butter never got a reply and ended up ordering from a different source after that and cutting my losses. Didn't know what happened to these guys until I looked on here today.

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  • PistolPete77
  • 4 years ago

I know this isn't a review and I'm prob late to the party but check this boys it's sad but true:

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  • petwatch
  • 4 years ago

placed order 5 weeks ago, order no. 7835056 , everything went great until I paid . sent too many emails that never got answered. never got items , never got a tracking no. don't understand some friends got there orders , I have heard from no one.

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Go check the source discussion page. You'll see why. Your money is probably gone as well

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thank you.

  • anon
  • Anonymous
  • 5 years ago

I've used Test E, Deca, DBol, Test Prop, & Masteron from NTP. All the products have been top notch, fast shipping, and they communicate well. I would recommend this company to everyone!

  • pride18's picture
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  • pride18
  • 6 years ago

iam using test cyp, masteron p,and equitest from this source and loving it.big h is super great guy and anser all my question and get my order in four day, profesionel looking vials,clean oil with zero pip. love this source and will allway order from them. love their method of payment and their website is so informing. I hope this source stay around for long time cuz their product is so potent and accurate. thx u thx u big h

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  • OPA Group
  • 6 years ago

Finishing my 1st ever cycle of test enanthate..I've exceeded all my goals and then some. Not only was the test exactly what I expected but Big H is a super good guy. Explains all his gear in detail. To me he did anyways..I recommended him to several friends and will do so even more if anyone asks. I just got some test prop and anavar to finish my cycle with and got some clomid and novaldex for my post cycle when i'm finished with the test-p and anavar. Highly Recommended

  • hrclayer's picture
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  • hrclayer
  • 6 years ago

I can't believe nobody has written a review for this lab yet. I guess they just leave reviews for the site that sells their gear.. I think it might be the same owner tho.

Great gear. i've been running their test-E and Eq. I don't know what else to say other than I'm ripped, vascular, strong as hell and put on quite a few pounds of muscle so far.. I'm buying another round of gear so i'm ready for my next cycle in case they disappear like most sources do

  • Cplvela0811's picture
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Good product and is legit. Good Communication and T/A to. I am using the Test E and my strength is up there now. Big H will help you out with any questions, reliable source.