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These guys are the best. I have been ordering from them for over five years, just noticed they were on Eroids thought I'd write a review. Delivery was amazing never took more than three days, communication was excellent, and their gear was top notch..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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I made an order and it was at my door two days later. Nice discrete packaging. Minimal PIP(as much as can be normally expected). Customer service is the best I have ever had!! Contacted me every step of the way. The gear is awesome.....exceeding the results I had in mind. Had questions about some other things....Quadfather1 was right on the money......answered as many questions as I threw at him and seemed like it never bothered him a bit that I was asking so many questions. It has been awesome doing business with him. Highly recommended. I will definitely continue getting my gear from them.

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I've never ordered anything and had it faster than dealing with Muscle Tek Labs. Two days later I my order and the product looks amazing. I'll keep you updated with progress in the future. I've found my new "Dr. Feelgood!" Will be a returning customer.

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One more order in the books. Ordered Wednesday, at my door Friday. Thank You once again Muscle Tek Labs.

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Thank you!

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Hi Quad,

Are u still having email problems? Im not getting any response to the status of my order.

USPS Tracking # : 9505 5110 5834 5146 3504 99

MuscleTek Order # 577

Order: Deca Durabolin 500 ( 2 each)

Sustanon 400 (3 each)

Mailed on 5/26/2015

Thank you!!

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Timely distribution of products. Very happy with service, return customer.

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Been pinning Tren Ace 100 and Deca 300 for four weeks now. I have flat out NEVER had the pump that I am getting from this gear!! I am a Deca fan through and through. But, after reading up on Tren, and asking Quadfather at least 50 questions(which he patiently answered) I decided to pick some up and give it a go. He steered me right down a path perfect for me. We are going to add Test Cyp to my next order and give it a try. I have read a lot of reviews, on here, about other guys selling bunk, oiled down gear, or just not sending gear at all. You will NOT find that here. Quad father has hit me up within an hour or so with an answer to EVERY question I've had.....gear related or not. When I made my order, I sent him the money on a SUNDAY and my order was in my box in TWO days. I cannot tell you what a relief it has been(after being burned a few times online and on the street) to find quality gear at an amazing price and quad father representing. I will be buying my gear from muscletek labs from now on......NO QUESTION.

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Quad dropped my pack on a plane on the 10th....I pinned it today. Fastest ever!! Like having big man next door..

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Great source ! Great product... His Sus400 is smooth no pip! Strength up and viens poping out ! Libdo is up ! Also faster shipper ever and best communication so far gets no better !

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Just got a recieved my second order, right on time, no problems, will be a returning customer.

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Another order received right on time. Very effective communicator as well.

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Still on fire from Quad's gear...Been using tren steady 100 mg ed and have entered beast mode in the gym...I think keeping my test low has really helped too b/c I've barely had any sides, just great gains...

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Not even the holidays slow down the Quad. Very fast delivery. Very happy customer.

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QuadFather!!! I am new to the game, but as I told QuadFather on our first correspondence, Id be loyal if he did me right. The guy is a professional , and a gentleman. His response was so fast, even though the holidays were upon us, he overfilled bottle, and all is good! ! ! My weiner loves him, and I Think I do too!!!!
His elf's must have been working thru the holidays!!!!!!!!! His packaging was tighter than my GF's !!!!!!!!!!

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I am new here.can we order by reload it cards?

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Bro take another look, they are not verified and have no reviews.

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I've ordered a great deal of gear through this company and the Quadfather is ALWAYS on his game. He answers emails right away, products are sent out with lightning speed and the the gear is definitely legit. I recently had bought some HGH through him as well and I'll be getting it tested to see how legit it is but I'm sure if there is a problem with it or not, he'll take care of it like he always does. A very reputable source, no doubt about it....thanks Quad!

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I placed an a few days ago..Got my gear and very happy..superfast..And they do have plenty reviews..

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Super fast shipping. Willing to work with you on what you need. Very quick with communication,

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I had written earlier that after 11 days I had not received my order and quad messaged me immediately and after some quick research quad sent my order and I received it promptly. Thanks quad.

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no bs qust good gear on time strong gear been on over a year now. clean and smothe thanks quad a trusted site.have all blood work to prove,quad is a pleasure to work with.........

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I have read a lot of post on eroids to see feedback from questions people ask. I have found it to be very useful at times and there are a lot of great questions and some very intelligent people that give helpful feedback.
I am 43 and I started my first cycle at the age of 36. I have been working out since I was 13 but my genetic predisposition is to be small, lean and vascular. I was a very hard gainer as far as size and strength my whole life. When I decided to try my first cycle at age 36 I listened to people at my gym and tried whatever I could get a hold of. Tes, EQ, Deca, Tren. I tried a variety of brands for several years and was never really sure if it was doing what it was supposed to do.
A little over three years ago I started using a brand called Muscletek! It was by far the most potent gear I had ever used. I have had amazing results quickly and noticeably in strength and size gains! I have been using this brand ever since. Not only is the gear great but I have received incredible service from this company!
I have read questions from people about using different brands and if anyone has tried this or that brand. Since I have read helpful feedback from this site for years I wanted to share my experiences with other people about this lab.
This company delivers great gear with great service! They are easy to contact and respond to questions along with giving helpful feedback. I have never been disappointed in almost 4 years of service. If an order has ever taken a little longer than expected to get to me I have always been given a very generous discount on my next order! This lab seems to truly care about there reputation and building great customer care and service. I hope this is helpful to some people out there.
Thanks to everyone else out there that takes time to share experiences and give intelligent feedback.
It is very much appreciated:)

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This past year i began using MT.. I was impressed from the start with the speedy responses and discrete and fast delivery. I have trainer for 15 years and ran gear for about 5.. I dropped the other brands upon getting MT gear to make sure it worked .. and the results have been amazing. PIP is light to non existent.. DECA, EQ, SUST, TREN all smooth and powerful products! Liquid drol and liquid Dbol is incredible and fast acting as well! i hope to do more business with QUAD and am looking forward to new products and a steady great source! POTENT AS HELL!!!

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This source is a 10 out of 10 in all departments, and they have my business for life

Communication & Ordering process
Communication is always extremely fast and thorough. I have gotten responses within a few minutes of asking a question. And the source is always extremely accommodating and thorough with his responses. Very courteous and very helpful

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging
Package is always discreet, and extremely fast. Always less than a week after i send payment out

Items ordered
Test E
Tren E
Tren A

Product effectivenes and experience
Product is always high potency and high quality. I feel it working in my body. The communications I've had regarding product specifics suggest that this guy is really knowledgeable and passionate in what he's doing, and that gives me a peace of mind as to the purity and authenticity of the various items.

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UPdate I received the order. Websit appears to also be back up. All very strange but good to go

I am posting this as a potential warning. I will revise if something changes. Made first order from Muscletek two weeks ago. Have not received it yet. Did receive a response last week indicating it would ship Monday but still has not arrived. Sent follow up email that is now being returned with an indication the email is no longer valid. So while other reviews have been positive so far this is not looking good. Also just learned their website is down. This may have been a scam. I would really appreciate feedback on proven non scam sites.

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MuscleTek Labs is the best! I have been a client of this lab since December of 2014 with over a dozen successful orders. The quality is top notch, and I cannot say enough about Quad's excellent customer service and communications. I have always received my order quickly and thoughtfully packaged. If there is a delay or problem, Quad responds professionally with a favorable solution.

I have put on 25 lbs of lean muscle since using MuscleTek products, with Test Cyp, NPP250, and Tren being my favorites. I no longer use any other lab or source other than MuscleTek, and cannot recommend this lab more highly!

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I have been using MUSCLETEK for 4 years now and recently tried a cycle of Masteron with Sustanon.
I am naturally lean but the results in hardness and vascularity were incredible. I love this gear and the customer service is awesome. I am definitely a customer for life!

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Made first order muscletek on 8/16/16 sus 400, deca 500, tren e 200. Had good email response back and forth order received in less than a week from order date. All compounds are great. Second order made on 9/7/16 which was over a grand, so I emailed to make sure I was getting the discounted price for over $1000. Email was sent bsck confirming yes just to send the 20% off balance. Sent payment in. Tracking showed to be picked up on 9/9/16. I have emailed numerous times without any reply whatsoever. I'm setting over a month out with no product and 1000 less in my pocket. I've read something about a technical issue but come on now. 1 month for domestic?!

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I was wrong about quadfather1 . This was just a misunderstanding on my behalf. I was not aware that he had my shipping address incorrect. That was my mistake. I thought I had updated it on the site , but it totally slipped my mind like a dumb ass!!!... He , has contacted me and we talked and he is sending me my Kit a.s.a.p. ... Thanks Quadfather1....on another note , I have a review that's well over due . His Primo is on point and we'll dosed to say the least. This man is as SOLID as then come. I guess, I was having a really bad month....I want to aologize to all the Eroid members and staff for my mistake. It will not happen again. You can trust him with all your gear needs as well as money. He's here to stay. Thanks bro.