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Infiniti Laboratories Reviews

  • Beast00's picture
  • BAN
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  • Beast00
  • 3 years ago

i order form Ais suprem some vials of Tren-Mix form infinti labs
Wow I am overjoyed with the products the best shop in my eyes
this tri tren is incredible strong the effect i feel in 1 week , my body goes harder every day body temperature rises! burn fat extrem good i go with high carbs and protein and this is what real Trenbolone love it
high carbs Tren transforms everything in more fuller harder muscles for me is best tren SIS/infitiy the best of the best ! I won 4 kg within 6 weeks but clean muscles not bloat of water ! The strength went up extrem !
i love tren is my breakfast

  • Beast00's picture
  • BAN
  • 35
  • Beast00
  • 3 years ago

i take the drol and the Tren-E
and all what i can say about this lab is extrem good very strong tren and drol and not underdose!
love infinti labs no pip strong products! very effectiv! the Tren test ist extrem good
drol is amzaming strong real drol not a fake shit
thx aisgood brother

  • alwaysmassive78's picture
  • LVL2
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  • alwaysmassive78
  • 4 years ago

Have run Infiniti Test 500 and Deca 400 on many occasions- no pip and top quality gear on bulking cycle

  • Jonny_K123's picture
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  • Jonny_K123
  • 4 years ago

Have used their Tren Ace, Test and Test blends, was nicely packaged and a personal favourite.

  • Chrissweets's picture
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  • Chrissweets
  • 5 years ago

used infinity tren e, although only 100mg, it is good stuff and seemed well dosed shame it wasnt a bit stronger so could jab less fluid
used it for a cutting cycle and couldnt ask for more, good solid lean muscle
only side was bad night sweats but loved it all the same, will get it again

  • CherryCola's picture
  • LVL3
  • 240
  • CherryCola
  • 5 years ago

Using infinit since 8 weeks and i'm very impressed with Quality and potency. Couldn't be better. Pics: