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B.B.L Reviews

  • youngorilla's picture
  • LVL1
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  • youngorilla
  • 5 years ago

Man that B.B.L line up is tight Dub all my boys said that test is the dankest stuff they ever smelled. Im not knockin the jungle line up either im just saying for me the B,.B.L test and deca was bangin. Waiting for new stock bro turned my boy on he is buying my next cycle, just for me going to get it for him. When can we expect to see @ DOUBLE G 67?

  • juan400hp's picture
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  • juan400hp
  • 6 years ago

Ive been trying to make an order but everything is out of stock. Ive sent them many emails concerning their stock so i can place an order but till this day still no reply/answer from them. its been a over a week....are they still up and running???

  • juicyjuicy143's picture
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  • juicyjuicy143
  • 6 years ago

I have used the BBL Test P and Anavar before and that shit is FIRE!!!! Pins smooth and works like a champ. Pills are small and pressed like a pharma grade lab. This stuff and this guy are the best in the biz! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for quality gear.

  • Falkito's picture
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  • Falkito
  • 6 years ago

where can i buy their products, are they expensive?

  • DOUBLE G 67's picture
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  • youngorilla's picture
  • LVL1
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Hey brotha I know your a busy dude. when can I expect to see the B.B.L stuff in stock? looking to get some stuff man

  • anon

Ive just got one question champ!

Will this cure 'little man syndrome'
I need ta grow! Lol

  • Bamf6969's picture
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  • Bamf6969
  • 6 years ago

I have used Double G's BBL exclusively for quite some time now.All i can say is wow.I have done steroids and hgh for many many years and this stuff is beyond words.Simply,its the best gear ever produced,period.The sides are strong but the gear is smooth.I cant figure out how a source can produce products like this,have turnaround times that are faster than santa claus and not be #1.This man goes above and beyond for us here and when you speak with him his passion for this is overwhelming

  • Jay-dub's picture
  • LVL1
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  • Jay-dub
  • 6 years ago

i have used b.b.l. since i joined have done two cycles and have had grate gains. the gear is the best and the customer service that comes from ordering from this guy is the best. you receive you gear with in a week from ordering and have nothing to worry about. he will do custom orders any kind of blends you think of and probably some you haven't thought of.