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  • BAN
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  • Old Iron
  • 4 years ago

Made my second order with KQ. Test-E 250, Clen, and cock bombs for post cycle. Packaging was absolutely amazing. Best I've ever seen, and I've been around a while. Clen is all there and dosed evenly. Test PIP is minimal and I was happily surprised to have received 500 instead of 250 per ml. Smooth draw with no heating, drawing with 20 pinning with 25 1 1/4 like butter one glute, both delts and both quads. I was constantly updated with every step of the process never even occurred to me to make contact. CS was so good, I have actually copied the communication I received in my own business practice. Natty normally low (to age) and feeling the come on after 1st week. Can't wait for week 5. Absolutely amazing all the way around, plus she's smoking hot which definitely doesn't hurt anything. KodiakGRRL....uuummmmmmmmmm.

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  • ripratt
  • 6 years ago

I've been using test e and tren e from kodiac Queen and they are phenomenal! No sides yet, PIP is very minimum! I also use sustanon and test p which both are amazing and I'm putting on massive gains!!

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  • LVL3
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  • gatorgear
  • 6 years ago
MY personal favorite

many others too
everyone raves about the 100mg/ml Test Prop bc its smooth and potent fire ass test!
I just put on some nice lean mass (20lbs) with a 500mg Test E and Prop tapered cycle of Kodiaks Testosterone
Slight acne first few weeks, aromasin corrected that and then just grew and had mad libido
loved my experience
love GRRRL
and AK in general !
Npp, Deca, SUST and Tren are upcoming for me (not at once)

the tren is major player ish too, just look at the review page and see yourself!