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  • Anadrol1000
  • 2 weeks ago

Made 2 orders so far with this source and both orders arrived next day packed safe and securely and arrived in perfect condition ;-))

Communication & Ordering process

Email responses good usually responds in a couple of hours , I had quite a long conversation with Jon before placing an order as I am always cautious about ordering from an unverified source but he answered my questions in a polite and timely manner.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Both my orders landed the next day safely packaged and secure.

All products were in perfect condition with no damage.

Items ordered

All SiS .
First order.
1 x Testonon 400.
1 x 10mg Anavar .

2nd order.
1 x 10mg Anavar .

Product effectivenes and experience

I have been running the Testonon at 800mg per week split mon/Thurs.

When I run test I always like to use the 400mg blends with short & long esters as opposed to the 400mg blends with only long esters, I prefer the way the short esters kick in first and gradually feel the longer esters as the cycle progresses.

The sis Testonon 400 is smooth with no pip I have injected Delts & Quads with no problems with pip.

Libido is high , strength is up as is the aggression .
All the tell tale signs of good quality test .

I have used many different brands of Test 400 over the years and can say the SiS Testonon 400 is one of the best I've used .

The Var I've been running at 40mg ED split am/pm.
This is the dose I tend to stick to with var as I find if it's quality var I personally don't need more than 40mg ED .

I previously ran 2 other well known high quality labs var at the same dose and can say the SiS is very good var ;-))

Additional commentary

Overall very pleased with products and service.

I recommend shopping here!