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  • CBBurrr
  • 5 years ago

I've used this source a few times before and have always been a satisfied customer.

Communication & Ordering process

Communication is very straight forward, I place an order, follow payment instructions, and wait for delivery.
My emails have always been answered quickly.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Package was shipped within a few days of my funds being received. Items were well padded, and packed discreetly.

Items ordered

Test E
Test P

Product effectivenes and experience

I'm 7 weeks into this cycle, running 500mg a week.
The typical 10 pounds of water weight was there at week 5, and I'm seeing some gains on the scale (up 15 from pre cycle) and the bar.
I wish I could say that the gains were epic..... but I got the stomach flu 3 days into the cycle, and caught a nasty cold on week 4. This really hampered my strength and appetite, and that is reflected in my gains. My lifts are about at the numbers they were at the end of my last cycle, but I have 6 weeks left and I'm optimistic.
PIP is hit or miss, I've had some pins in the quads that are sore, and the next pin in the glute be painless.
I've tried deca once before at low doses, and it fired up my seasonal allergies. I tried it again this cycle, and it just does not agree with me. I've got an auto immune disease that is easily aggravated.
The Test P is for my last couple of weeks, and the aromasin will be part of PCT.

This guys Viagra is as real as it gets! I take about 1/10 of a 100 mg blue pill and see the full effect, Awesome erection, bloodshot eyes, congestion, and some vision distortion.

Additional commentary

I did bloods last week, test serum came in at 3300. I've seen around 4250 on this cycle in the past using the same pin schedule and 24 hours after for blood work.
I would treat the Test E 250 as a 200, and will be upping my cc's for the remainder of the cycle.
I'm not at all concerned about the little bit it's under dosed, DNA's prices still make that a bargain for test
E 200.

<removed link to bloods until SRC is verified.

I recommend shopping here!