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Decabolic Reviews

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  • GearofWar
  • 7 years ago

This gear is 100% GTG. What more can I say. I've also been using the Asia Pharma Cypiobolic @600mg EW. Smooth as silk going in. No Deca dick while running this either. Just solid, and predictable strength gain. Muscle hardness and vascularity is also up nicely. The wife is enjoying the new physique. All of the Asia Pharma Gear is of the highest quality and is human/Pharma grade. I cannot stress how much I like this Brandt's line up. It's pricey but well worth your hard-earned loot.

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  • TGB
  • 9 years ago

Great stuff. I am a big fan of AP now. I was very skeptical until I won some in a contest online since then this brand is one of the only ones I trust for quality.

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  • 9 years ago

Dear guys, this Asia Pharma is not UGL.
this brand if THAI FDA approved!
i also sale in my shop that brand.
my shop is licensed pharmacy shop so i can sale only GMP made products,no UGL
Asia Pharma is GMP product approved by THAI FDA!


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Your not listed as a source to purchase Decabolic from. On eroids that is.

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  • HulkinBeast
  • 9 years ago

Seems like good ugl gear. It's on;lly week three, but my strength is rocketing up and i look fuller. Seems potent and G2G

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  • EthanJTate
  • 9 years ago

Took this product one year ago and minutes after the first injection got a great rush. The entire time I was in it I felt amazing deffinately a quality potent product.