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Deca Durabolin
(Organon Holland)

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Deca Durabolin Reviews

  • Fireman's picture
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  • Fireman
  • 3 years ago

use them before many times back in the day amazing stuff, full muscles and it would kick in nicely by week 6. The thing is in the 90,s pip from the oils was unheard, unless a bad injection that is all.

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  • leighton david
  • 4 years ago

i run out so i need more

  • gear dude's picture
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  • gear dude
  • 5 years ago

I've used deca in the past, from ALV GEAR.COM as far as the reason why i decided to use deca is for the pain disappearing magical properties on all my joints and skeleton , along with some test. and tren , ran that cycle and benefits are strength, visible vascularity on my arms, sense of well being.As far as ALV GEAR.COM and me ,i've been their customer for a couple of years, and always took care of me ,including multiple reships, as far as which brand of deca is up to you as there is choice, they have a lot of choice, highly recommended ...

  • Thorus's picture
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  • Thorus
  • 7 years ago

Those were the best selling decas back in time...too bad they are gone now...yellow tops as we called them.

  • Texas Oilman's picture
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  • Texas Oilman
  • 8 years ago

These were good. I used these and sustanon redijects for my first few cycles. I used to get them over the border in any Mexican pharmacy. Using just those two compounds, I always got great results. Later on I used veterinary or ugl deca, and it never seemed to be the same except for the dreaded deca dick. I steer clear of any nandrolone now.

  • monkman's picture
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  • monkman
  • 9 years ago

The last real batch of these beauties I used was in 1996 - There used to be a reliable supplier in Germany who had them for $7 a vial, so trust me, they were part of every cycle for a couple of years. I've ordered them on at least 5 occasions since, and sad to say, I think it is near impossible to find genuine, non-expired units of this product any longer.

  • mike23's picture
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  • mike23
  • 9 years ago

Hi bros!I stay in Greece and i buy from a pharmacy store .I dont know the original is 1ml/50mg and 1ml/200ml .i took 1ml//50mg good stuff but a lot of water reduse!!!

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Alternative to Durabolin - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

  • lukasno1's picture
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  • lukasno1
  • 9 years ago

looks for good, although a lot of fakes. Now available is hard

  • covertmind's picture
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  • covertmind
  • 9 years ago

no longer made

  • rawand's picture
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  • rawand
  • 9 years ago