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Fertomid 50

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Oral PCT by Cipla know as Clomid. Substance: clomiphene citrate

Fertomid 50 Reviews

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  • juicer1165
  • 4 years ago

Great generic Indian clomid. I have used this and other india. Generics to pct from 3 different cycles now and plan on using the same product again. I am currently on cycle right now and will be doing my pct in August. I already have a lot of this on hand as I like to order enough for at least 2 cycles at a time since it has a two year shelf life. I will be running this very product again as I have before and have never and issues or problems to report. Only a positive review for the source in wich i recieved it from.

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  • The Oracle
  • 6 years ago

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