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Clenbuterol Reviews

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  • ssbadazz
  • 8 years ago

what source did yall get this from? i was gonna order some but i wanna get some legit stuff

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  • jose555
  • 8 years ago

I used it for one year and it helped me. Maybe it is suitable for my body :-)

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  • phblog
  • 9 years ago

I got this from a good source too and it's useless. Waste of time.

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  • solomongrundy
  • 9 years ago

I have used this recently and it's shit..I got it from a socalled reputable source on here and ended up trashing it. I may shoot for an eca stack..

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  • skinny
  • 9 years ago

Doesn't work at all. Took up to 6 a day (each 40mcg) and it did nothing. And nothing right from the start so you can't explain it with "getting used to the clen".

Not recommendable.

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  • fufubomba
  • 9 years ago

Yeah I got this too and it is shit.

Ill post more pictures soon.

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  • frank1234567890
  • 9 years ago

Yabang clen is a joke! There 40mcg may be around 5mcg.

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  • eat_sleep_gym
  • 9 years ago

Here is the deal with clen, while we all know it’s one of the kings of fat-burners, you can’t stay on it long enough. Literally the b-2 receptors that it binds to on fat cells deteriorate in no time before really seeing the full potential of clen! I think of clen as the ultimate missile against fat but with poor delivery/launching pad. So what do we do, we get something like “ketotifen” and that shit is not easy or relatively abundant to get your hands on. Ketofifen is not expensive just not such much demand for it on the market in order to be supplied readily because not many folks out there know how to take clen. Ketotifen does a lot; I suggest you look into it and why it greatly enhances clen. Going back to clen, cycle it on/off in a progressive manner: 3 weeks on then 3 weeks off then 3 weeks on again that’s the cycle. The dosing on the other hand is a little tricky and if you’re first starting out with clen try a tap and see what it does to you, yea it’s that strong you’ll actually feel the effect, I highly avoid going above 120mcg a day! Depending on your product, I usually get mine in 20mcg/tab of 50 tabs; they are of white triangular tabs. I do 2tabs/day/1st week, 3tabs/day/2nd week, 5tabs/day/3rd week, then rest for 3 weeks (take something else) then get back on it 3tabs/day/7th week, 6tsbs/day/8th week and finally 3tabs/day/9th week. Think of it as one giant cycle and of course I combo clen with T-3, Anavar and Ketotifen (if available).

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  • manlytt
  • 9 years ago

What kind of dose needed w/this brand?

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what does niacin do with it? Talking about the skin rush?