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I do not think that you have an order from us. We reply all emails every day. If you have an order ID and you can provide us, we can assist you. I am pretty sure that you do not have it because we never ignore any customer email. It is completely clear that you are making your advertising in here by providing an email address in here. That makes you scammer, not us!

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  • Ofwolfandman99
  • 2 years ago

Updated- Solid source here. Swift and excellent customer service.

Unfortunately the PGF2a I received was 6 months expired. This stuff might be like Tren in oil, and will be potent for 5 years plus, or its effectiveness might be compromised already. Nothing on the interwebs to say which.

BitcoinSteroid.com sent me expired Dinolytic (PGF2a 5mg/ml) 5x10ml, after I paid $130 USD, plus $40 S&H.

Delivery (to the US) took 7 Business Days from placement of order, and packaging was adequate. Security was fine, and while cushioning could've been a little more comprehensive, the product arrived in good, undamaged condition. Unfortunately, the medication itself was shipped 25% past its shelf-life.

On Monday, 07/10/2017, I received Dinolytic (5x10ml) by Zoetis, as ordered & paid for. However, the Manufacture Date on both the outer-box-packaging & the ampule labels inside read 03-2015, & the Expiration Date reads 02-2017. That is 6 MONTHS EXPIRED.

I'd attach a pic, but that doesn't seem to be an option here.

I hope this was a simple oversight, & not a deliberate strategy to fuck over their customers.

If this WASN'T an oversight, (& I do sincerely hope it was) I can speculate as to how BitcoinSteroid handles orders for Rx Medications. (Note, I only have experience with their Dinolytic by Zoetis. Other Rx products could be completely valid.)

But being screwed over like this, I feel justified to speculate: They purchased expired lots of veterinary medication for NEXT TO NOTHING (since expired medications can't be prescribed & are destined to be thrown out) & then, in this case at least, charged me 2-3 times what retail, unexpired PGF2a costs at a veterinary clinic with a valid prescription.

Talk about a good screwin!

I have several sources through which I could've received EXPIRED PGF2a myself, at a TINY fraction of what I paid BitcoinSteroid. But I don't WANT and can't USE expired medications. To get genuine, potent PGF2a was the whole reason I gave BitcoinSteroid a shot at my business.

I do hope this was a simple mistake, & I'll update this review if BitcoinSteroid makes this right. Please BitcoinSteroid, allow me to exchange this expired PGF2a for a batch that is fresh enough to actually be effective.

As of now, I can't recommend BitcoinSteroid to other users.

7/14 Update.

BitcoinSteroid issued me a full refund. Very promptly, once I was able to refresh my spam folder correctly. Tip to others, exit and reload TOR, completely - you'd be amazed how many new messages might show up, which no amount of page refreshing will reveal.

Solid Source here, guys.

Communication problems were likely technical issues with TOR/Anonymous Mail interplay. NOT the Source's fault in any way. Wish he'd labeled the PGF2a as technically expired in the site description, but once we actually connected, he gave me a full refund, even shipping, and I didn't have to wait for the product to go all the way back to Europe.

That's awesome customer service.

Will certainly recommend in future.

Thanks BitcoinSteroid.

Communication & Ordering process

Communications problems were almost certainly due to the way TOR browser and Tutanota anonymous mail don't always play nice with refreshes. It was my fault for not thinking of exiting and restarting TOR earlier.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Secure, both in terms of anonymity and product cushioning.

Items ordered

Dinolytic (5x10ml, 5mg/ml) by Zoetis

Product effectivenes and experience

Product is 6 months expired.

Additional commentary

Very satisfied with how he rectified the problem. Full btc refund deposited into my wallet within minutes of sending him the address. Stellar customer service.

PS: Check your spam folders, and if refreshing doesn't show anything, reload TOR.

I recommend shopping here!
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  • TrenAllDay
  • 2 years ago

review for the promo pack i received. some 100mg viagra

Communication & Ordering process

good communication, quick to respond.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

was about 2 week t/a if i recall, maybe 1-2 days less.

Items ordered

100mg viagra

Product effectivenes and experience

not really much i can say about it without going into disturbing detail other than they worked and gave me a raging hard-on. my laptop was about to die,jk! but yea it sure worked like it was supposed to, took the whole 100mg like a champ.

Additional commentary

good source that i have seen so far, something went wrong, he handles it right away and fixed the situation, obviously shows hes here to stay. thanks for the promo pack!

I recommend shopping here!