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armanianabolics.io Reviews

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  • BrolicBruce
  • 4 hours ago

Order was delayed, Will review once used

Communication & Ordering process

Typically replied within 24 hours

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

TA was 15 days

Items ordered

Test prop 100 x2
Then ace 200x1
Mast prop 100x2
Test cyp 250 2x

Additional commentary

Will come back to review once used

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  • monsteronjuice
  • 6 days ago

Payment was breeze. Package very well wrapped and discreet. Thing could of got ran over by a truck and still survived. Payment grabbed with a day. Package at door few days later. Ordered handful of test cyp 250 and handful of tren ace 200. Saving the cyp for when I do my trt dosages. I can only talk about the tren ace 200. Surprisingly not painful at all. Usually higher amount of trend the oils usually to thick. Been rubbing gear 15 plus years. Tren I’m running 100 mg ed. Day ten roughly and exactly what I like to see insomnia. Sweating constantly. Mood swings. Strength already up. Will run for 7 more weeks and then get bloods done. Great source. Welcome aboard.

Communication & Ordering process


Delivery (T/A) & Packaging


Items ordered

Test cyp. Tren ace 200

Product effectivenes and experience

Excellent quality. Ten days. Was running test prop 75 mg Ed and masteron 100 mg Ed past couple weeks. Huge notice when introduced Arnis tren ace 200. Running it 100 mg Ed. Aggression. Strength gain. Insomnia and sweating all there. Blood pressure bit high.

Additional commentary


I recommend shopping here!