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Oral PCT by Gen-Shi Labs know as Arimidex. Substance: anastrozole

Aridex Reviews

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  • Brian31power
  • 4 years ago

hi I'm looking for a Sample of this 30mg

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  • hulk420
  • 5 years ago

So I am running all genshi gear right now and the oils are g2g for sure weight is up strength is up oil is smooth an pain free. BUT the fucking adex does not work or is severely under dosed. I took it at .5mg eod for two weeks and gyno symptoms just kept getting worse. Just switched to aromasin from a different lab hopefully that works. Fucked up for them to sell legit oils but bunk Adex thats like a recipe for disaster that could really fuck someone up. luckily I was smart and bought AI's from 3 different sources.

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  • rawone1337
  • 8 years ago

okay so I purchased aridex and I have taken arimidex by astra zenica and also liquidex. I have to say that aridex doesn't compare. It has not reduced water weight or estrogen at all, which leads me to believe its fake. When I took arimidex before it was very noticable, and with aridex I have taken 1 mg for 10 days now and nothing. Don't waste your money, Id suggest getting liquidex from research stop instead.