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I ordered 20 bottles of blue top from them and never received a damn thing. This new site does have the same prices and products as *CENSORED** And in the post below he says he paid $1000 for his new website, I think he meant we paid $1000 for his new website when he scammed all of us at CENSORED, the fucker.

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Nice way to cover their asses. I just logged on to CENSORED and it doesn't say anything anymore, but last night when i did it was telling people to log on to their new site I guess after seeing my reviews they quickly took the site down again.

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This site IS CENSORED, just under this new name. Just log on to CENSORED and it tells you so. They must be stopped!!

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  • AnabolicsFast
  • 5 years ago
  • @rcas79

i don't know who are you
but not have any fuck stupid guys will be to create a website cost more than 1000usd
and if we not ship to clients they will be go to here to say
so if you were not ordered from us please shut up
we will have many clients go to here and leave their reviews and all peoples can see who are we,scammer or not

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  • roidjunky79
  • 5 years ago

DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE FUCKERS!! THEY WILL TAKE UR MONEY AND NOT SEND YOU SHIT!!! They're previous website CENSORED was shut down cause one of the guys supposedly got pinched.Hey assholes, where the fuck is my 100IU blue top HGH? You motherfuckers took me for $145.00 dollars.Now they have the nerve to open the same site under a different name.Same exact products, same exact prices. This ain't the last you heard from me bitches!