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  • kimboslice
  • 8 months ago

One word..... no comparison. And I don't mean just the product quality which itself is already top notch. It's the customer service and the speed of delivery. I literally received my package the NEXT day, and I was able msg their customer support in like 3am on a saturday and still get an answer, this is what they call 24/7 support. And you know what's the best part is? They accept cc and debit, so no more that WU bs or that bitcoin stuff.

Over all price war fair
Things were delivery in a speedy manner
BEST customer support
Credit/debit card processing

I can't ask for more...

Communication & Ordering process

Perfect, they actually have SMS notification and 24 hours on site support!!!!

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Discreet.. it mixed in well with the other packages

Items ordered

Beligas Test 300
Aegis EQ 300
Beligas Tren E 200

Product effectivenes and experience

Beligas is def some good stuff... no pips, smooth as silk. Aegis is a little thicker.. had a harder time drawing with a 23 but other wise it's cool too. Saw MASSIVE progress. The Tren made me shred from 12 % bf to 8 percent BF in 6 weeks. No joke.... The EQ gave me massive munchies and I was downing like 6000 cal a day but it seems like all i was gaining was muscle and the fats just melts away. My hand turned instantly numb when I only took 4 iu of that Hyge... maybe it's me not being on growth for a while and not used to it. Lastly.. the test.. well it had no pips and i think the tren was just so over powering I coudln't really feel the test. But what I will say is that I didn't get no tren D maybe it is the test balancing it out

I recommend shopping here!