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RoidBazaar Store Credits & Deals

valid through: 2024-05-25

Roidbazaar Store Credits and Deals

Store Credits:

For new RB customers : $200 Store Credit
For loyal RB customers: $250 Store Credit

You can choose from these US and UK/EU Domestic brands:
US Domestic: Pharmaqo US, XT Labs, Xeno US, Sixpex, Bull Pharma, Omega, Anabolex, Kassel, Emirates, Aslan, US Peptides

UK & EU Domestic: Intex, Hemi, Driada, Unique

To participate in Store Credit Promo, submit a request below on this page. No PM please.
Min. 20 Karma 
You are a member here for at least 3 months
You don’t owe reviews to other sources and you haven’t applied to join a Promo by another source
By joining, you agree to use the received products ASAP. We appreciate to see your feedback with touchdown pictures when received, and reviews when used.


5 x Genotropin 36 IU: $750

550 IU Lobster Generic HGH (97.6% Lab-tested): $550 

Pharmaqo US Domestic: 2+1, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, only until May 15

Xeno International: 50% Off

Review and Vote:
Ask & Discuss:

Andre1102's picture

Any deals on any other Pharma hgh. Could u pm me I have a few more questions

Owes a Review × 1 In a promo × 1
Highlander's picture

Definitely would be solid to get in on this promo right now from my go to source.

BRIL15's picture

Would love to join the promo! New customer

Sterno's picture

From the current feedback ; I’d love to try your products as a promo ! Thanks for considering

Roidbazaar's picture

Dear friends,
tomorrow we will send the next messages of acceptance/rejection from the Promo to you.
We will do this from now on by PM, because we find it more appropriate if a rejection and the reason is not necessarily announced publicly.

TOMX's picture

Would love to participate if possible, new customer

In a promo × 2
Bruins77's picture

Any chance? It's been a looong while! Wifey looking for var and will post review

sunamcaxa's picture

Would love to try

In a promo × 2
Sturoid23's picture

Loyal RB customer I would like in!

DavosD's picture

Id like in on the new rb promo

Zeus 123's picture

I'd l Ike to participate would love to try pharmaqo

In a promo × 1
press1's picture

Good call buddy!!! Test, NPP, Tren all great

In a promo × 1
JMo97's picture

I’d like to be included as a new customer

Roidbazaar's picture

OK, welcome to RB ... you are in

bigjman92's picture

Loyola returning RB customer, I'd like in!

Roidbazaar's picture

of course bro, you are all in

bakkeboy's picture

I would like in , the review I owe is years old being resolved because of shipping issues long ago. All els is good on my acct, I just can't and won't give a fake review for something that never arrived..

In a promo × 3
Roidbazaar's picture

OK, got it ... then you are in

Abel0187's picture

I would like to participate plz

In a promo × 1
Roidbazaar's picture

you as well, looks as if you are still in another Promo

Abel0187's picture

The promotional tag was put on there by mistake. I would still like to participate if possible

In a promo × 1
Roidbazaar's picture

OK bro, then you are in ...

pharmabruh's picture

Nice promo from a solid source!

In a promo × 2
Roidbazaar's picture

bro, would like to take you in, but it looks you are already in another Promo. We are still here for some days, maybe you get ready in time.

Trenorex's picture

HEY RB !! excellent promo it is. Would love to participate.

In a promo × 2
Roidbazaar's picture

OK then, buddy ... you are in

Badgoat1's picture

I've made several orders and owe no reviews to anyone and can use products immediately

In a promo × 1
Roidbazaar's picture

You're in, bro

press1's picture

Can I get an R to the B to the P to the R to the O to the M O??! Crazy

In a promo × 1
Roidbazaar's picture

Hahaha ... I L to the M to the A to the O :)) ... of course brootheeerrr you are I and N !! Cheeers ;)