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+ 2 Pfizer Genotropin 12 mg 99 $ Click for the cheapest HGH and Pharmacy products

valid through: 2021-12-04

Dear Eroids Members,

First of all, We really appreciate to your attention for our promos and we are proud of introduce ourselves here.
We are announcing again a crazy promo for you valuable eroids members by popular demand and we arrange it according your requests.
Again, Anyone can benefit, regardless of the karma score.

NOTE: We have our own pharma warehouse therefore we have the cheapest prices on Eroids and on the market.

Pfizer Genotropin 12mg

Saizen 12mg

Omnitrope 10mg

Norditropin Nordiflex 15mg

Pfizer Cabaser 1 mg

SoPharma Clenbuterol 0.02


If you buy,

5 x Genotropin 12 mg,

5 x Nordiflex 15 mg,

You will earn FREE Express Shipping.

We provide reship warranty only USA and UK for this promo.

We are also official seller of the brands below,

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Just put in order today! Freaking pumped to try me some Genos baby!

Drol 250's picture

Placed order got tracking in under 48 hours awesome job guys and thank you for answering all my stupid questions lol my bad

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Do not hesitate to contact with us. We are here to serve you.

All the best

Beast5's picture

How do I get the free express shipping ?

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You just share your order number with us by PM then we can rearrange your invoice.

All the best

Drol 250's picture

Order in!!! Smooth so far can't wait lil hgh action

manofsteel96's picture

No need to worry about orders from roidforsale. don't hesitate if you're looking for genos or others at the best prices possible

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Zee's picture

£7.44 for 20 tabs of pharma caber - how do you get caber so cheap and is there a max limit per customer?

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We have our own warehouse and we keep our profit low to earn your business. There is no any limitation about it.

All the best

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Nice promo, but the reship policy ruines it for me unfortunatelly

roidforsale's picture


We sent a pm about it.

All the best

Roostable's picture

Ordered from here 3 times now for 5x geno pens. Will be jumping on this again on payday. As they are more affordable I am using a bit more than I normally would haha

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Davieboy1977's picture

Same here bro, went from 2iu to 4iu. Backed it down to 3iu was to sleepy in the middle of the day..
Be jumping on it again on payday next week

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