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valid through: 2023-03-27

Entire store 30% OFF

Enter Code: Gorilla30

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Can I pre order on primoE 200 with the gorilla30 code?

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I don’t like pre orders when the Production isn’t in my control

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Got in on the promo to see what the apes are about. Good deals with the promo.

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Gorilla has some guys coming out of the woods buddy

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Is that a good thing? lol thought gorillas were more of the jungle nature…. Good to see ya around bro. I wasn’t around for awhile.

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Awesome. Any plans for aromasin restock?

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Finally got everything straightened out and placed my order. Sorry for the 2 canceled orders but finally got everything squared away

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Def just placed an order for two hgh kit ! Great deal

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Damn, you got me. I just couldn't pass on the sale. Nice payment system. Thanks!

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Place my order and went to pay but the people I use for payment are making me verify my identity. I guess because I haven't used it in so long. so gotta reorder when they unlock my account.

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The same thing happen to me it says it takes up to 48 hours :(

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Everything is gtg now Smile

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hows gk tren enan? looking to get some gh but need some tren too any info helps thanks in advance

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I used their Tren E in my last cycle. Good to go. Properly doses. Night sweats @300mg which is right on point for me. Very strong. Great gains.

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Only 300. 400 to me is the sweet spot. Good for you tho keeping it a tad lighter

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Nice promo order placed!! Thanks again.. ----

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Sent pm. I'll be doing my labs for you fairly soon here. Answer the question or 2 I messaged ya! Fucking love you guys!

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Cutter blend labels are out. Will have a blank label until new shipment lands

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Time to break out the Sharpie

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It was a better time when all us sources sharpie labeled the vials

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What else would you suggest I take if I get the cutter blend?

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Just more test Man

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Fr request sent

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How is the hgh stock looking?

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Thanks GK! Time to add to the collection

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Good timing been looking for another domestic source order placed

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Has anyone tried the GK Turinabol?

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The hplc testing and blood test have been excellent since this guy came on board here, I would not hesitate to try it me personally. Everything else I used has been awesome. His oral compounds are liquid suspension, easy to dose and tasty banana flavor

T-bol is actually a good oral for dry lean gains kinda like a mild superdrol. They don't come as fast as anadrol or d-bol but the gains are quality. I actually think I'm going to try to utilize this my next cycle. It's less harsh too on the liver

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Thanks for the input and advice big guy!

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