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+ 5 "GOD OF BICEPS" – Competition from Driada Medical

valid through: 2023-09-26


Gentlemen, we have prepared some fun to you. Size really matters, and that's exactly what you're thinking about!😉
To win a jucy discount from the Driada Medical, you need to have bigger than others 😎.


  1. You need to measure the biceps with a measuring tape at its peak contraction (yeah! pump it well before! 💪);
  2. Take a photo so we can see the biceps size on the tape. You also need to confirm that this is your hand, young titan! To do this, write the word "Driada" on a piece of paper with the date of the picture and place it on the picture;
  3. Attach a photo in the promo comments (Thanks to @BFG for this new feature!);
  4. The results will be announced in our telegram channel after the end of the promo.

Subscribe! https://t.me/+ab6VpsybfBc4ODk8


And if Driada products are present in the photo, then you will receive any testosterone of your choice as a gift with the order.

Additional prizes await you for the most creative photos. Participants whose photos get the most "thumbs up" will also receive additional prizes!

We hope you enjoy it!🤩

Review page: https://www.eroids.com/reviews/driadashop.eu
Discuss page: https://www.eroids.com/sourcetalk/driadashop.eu
Website: https://driadashop.eu/

We are also glad to inform you that a 30% discount on HGH liquid is valid until the end of the week. Use the coupon HGH30.

Spidermike3000's picture

I tried it Monday and it didnt work...hopefully it still count --
Nearly 49 ,no pump biceps --

Sayonara57's picture

Driada Thanks for that awsome Promo .
Not the best quality, sorry couldn't be better

hamd19's picture

Hi guys,
here's my bicep measurement, hope I can make it on the top 10.
Cheers Smile

Michael333's picture

Danke Driada für die Möglichkeit mitzumachen....und bin froh das es euch gibt

wanted's picture

I think extra points should be added for pictures that have the ladies help with nicely painted nails

Driada Medical's picture

Good idea sir!

EnPeePee's picture

Bad lighting I swear I’m not fat --

Pep_Son's picture

After Shoulder + Arms

FFS, it is not easy to do that, even with the help of the Girlfriend --

Proud of 46. Love Driada

Bahamut789's picture

Cold biceps 43cm --
Just some are shredded other in bulking mode "ursa mode" ofc the bear win with fat --

laxman3221's picture

Is the discount in metric or imperial?

Saintxseiya's picture

Lost some inch on holidays -- hope still enough --

18 inch should be roundabout 46 cm...

Saintxseiya's picture

Little update on pump, other arm --

Back to 19 inch, 48 cm

Driada Medical's picture

Be sure that you will get a juicy discount!

Thank you for participating!

Saintxseiya's picture

Extremely needed Biggrin

Props to you guys, great community...

Driada Medical's picture

Thank you for being a part of it Smile

Jasonmcsherry's picture

Around 53 cm. Hard to take a good pic by myself. Not participating in promo just wanted to see what I measure. Lots of guys with some big, ripped guns here. Good work.
I have heard great things about driada and the labels are bad ass. Love it.

In a promo × 2
Driada Medical's picture

this is too good to just post a photo. Even though you said you weren't participating, I put you on the list of participants Smile

harshtimes's picture

42 cm

Driada Medical's picture

Friend, it's incredible, but your biceps reminds me very much of the biceps of this Austrian guy!

harshtimes's picture

Thank you Bro. Much appreciated your comment. --

Darthdog's picture

Its extremly difficult to take a pic of flexing ur bicep with a measuring tape a letter and the phone alone ----

I hope u see it 52,5 cm

Driada Medical's picture

I think you can call an escort girl to help. If you buy 10 growth hormones at a discount of 52.5%, then you are definitely in profit ;)

Nobody's picture

Hi all.
I try my luck. You have to count maybe 44 cause the mesuring tape is quite relaxed (not easy to do alone --")

Driada Medical's picture

Do I understand correctly that the eggplant has become so thick as a result of using cialis? Improved blood circulation in the pelvis is still a useful thing Biggrin

Nobody's picture

Cialis is so much good that I have to put down my eggplant before going to workout otherwise it bothers me and scares the ladies Biggrin

Driada Medical's picture

You need to immediately reduce the dosage of cialis and then maybe next time you won't have to measure your arm circumference alone Biggrin

Nobody's picture

Headshot Biggrin

Thanks for the crazy laugh :p!!

Consultant44's picture
Driada Medical's picture

Thank you sir for your photo! By the way, great tattoos!!!