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+ 1 Get Back To The Gym - Crazy deals, ,freebies, 50% off and more inside

valid through: 2021-09-28


1- For 50 new customers who never tried our products and services before
$100 valued voucher. Please comment below to parncipate this promo. We are going to contact you at the end of promo. Min Karma 6

2- We are going to give away $400 voucher who is active and loyal customer. This offer is not valid for first time customers. PM if you thik you eligible. Min Karma 10

Discounts Coupons (Eroids Members Exclusive)
%50 Xeno International - XENO50OFF
%30 RoidPlus International - RP30OF

%35 Xeno Us Domestic -
%25 Odin Pharma -
%25 Beligas Pharma -

  • Discount code is not required.

5 X Genotropin 36 iu Pen (Express int) $550

5 X Boldenone 300 Xeno US Domestic $200

5 X Trenbolone Acetate Xeno US Domestic $200

5 X Masteron Propionate Xeno US DOMESTIC $175

10 X Testo P 100 Xeno US Domestic $225

50 X Primobolan Schering Authentic $275 (international regular)

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Please include me in this promo

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Can I get in?

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hi bro i would like to participate in the promotion please thank you

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can participate in your promotion please thank you

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Please be sure that we will contact everyone at the end of promo period. Have a nice day.

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Howdy! Would like in if possible!

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I would like to participate in the promo.

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Hello. I'd like to be a part of the promo. Would definitely like to try some pfizer gh

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I'm interested!

guidofest's picture

Lawd that Rimobolan promo price seems too good to be true that’s wild. Do you 100% guarantee that they are authentic?

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You can get info from the people who bought this product before from the discuss section. Our products are %100 legit and we are sending them with qr code.

guidofest's picture

That is very good to hear. Count me in I will definitely be buying some!!!

On second note can I join the promo as a new user?

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You can benefit from the promo offer which is suitable for you. Have a nice day

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It all looks great but my shipping is $50-$75 and I can't use the promo credit on the shipping. How do I use the $100 credit for the shipping too?
☆-UPDATE: They fixed it. Shipping free! Yay!

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I will assist you from pm sir

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Excellent customer service already. Problem solved. Thank you

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Hi, would love to join this awesome promo! I’m a new customer

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We will get in contact with you in a short while. Thank you for your interest in our promo.

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I’d like to join promo?

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Im from Germany.
To you send from the Europe Union???

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I’d like to take advantage of this promo, though my karma isn’t at 6 at the moment. Let’s work something out, I can be a loyal customer (:

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I will not turn anyone away. I'm going to break our promo rules just for one time only. Even though you do not have enough karma points, upon you request you are going to be included in our promo at the end of promo period. Have a nice day

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hello I am interested in participating in your promotion thank you

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Great action, being there is everything if I can take part in order to win a new customer!!!

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Man I would love to try you guys out in this Promo. If you let me in you won't regret it.

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Interested in checking out some of the gear as well fellas. Lmk

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First time hearing of these guys today, but I just checked out their site and their Prices & Inventory look really good. Really, really good! Kind of Unbelievably good. I want to try you guys out!

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Can I join promo

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We want to thank everyone for their interest in our promo. We will get in contact with each customers one by one for sure. Goroidsteam.

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Sent you a friend request