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+ 2 AP August Promo - Buy 2 Get 1 Var and Primo!

valid through: 2022-08-16

Buy 2 get 1 free on Anavar 10mg and 20mg (100 tabs) and Primo E 100mg and 200mg (12ml). Use coupon code ERAUG at checkout.

Cart will automatically be updated with free product. Add 2 to cart, get 1 free added automatically with coupon, add 20 to cart, get 10 free! No limits, no minimums, all offers can be combined

August tier-based free product offers
ALL orders over $200 receive free shipping!
Orders over $250 receive your choice: free Test A, Test P, or NPP!
Orders over $500 receive free Tren A!
Orders over $1000 receive additional free Tren A!
Orders over $2000 receive a free premium HGH kit!

Each tier combines with the previous tier. All free products are automatically added to your cart.

No picking and choosing... promos and tier-based offers combine!

No minimum order - Shipping is $15 on orders under $200. All orders ship US domestic and are usually received 2 - 3 days after payment confirmation

Oils are 100% USP Safflower Oil, no EO in any product

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Fr sent

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Anyone use the Primo 100mg/ml?

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I’m planning to use his primo oil on my next cycle my previous one I’ve just used the primo ace tabs Are high-quality and dose at 22. 9 mg per pill, haven’t found these in years ..as you know the other ones are hard to get and are 10 MG a pill .. high-quality I’ve used his Tren, ace and also test Ace Amazing products pharma quality . The last time I’ve done a good cycle on Primo ace is probably seven years ago and these were up there on quality . I wouldn’t hesitate brother he also has HPLC testing on his website for that Primo

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I think I’ve seen some of your comments since they came on board. Appreciate the response even if it wasn’t specific to the question but just your overall experience. I’m always cautious with new sources. Couldn’t turn down the promo opportunity and only needed a few bottles so I decided to give it a try.

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It’s always nice to interact with you same here I’m very cautious with new sources my very first cycle about a decade ago was all Pharma gear so I also don’t just order from anyone.
There’s a few pros that are using them so based on that.. I’ve decided to place few small orders with them I can tell you , that my next cycle will be all from them. Cause by seeing the quality the bottles the way they’ are filled the presentation silicon caps not the rubber many other factors, and the results you know they’re not playing and the interaction and service is another level

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Will be looking forward to watching your progress brother hope it goes well!

Paid Sunday pack shipped Monday should land today that’s on par with both domestics I’ve been sticking to for years and the other I just branched out to recently for some higher dosed Sustanon.

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Wait until you see the vials it’s going to be worth every penny of your hard working money!
I know about the few other good domestic sources I probably tried a few. But will only go with one or so. I feel like this source products are really above par my last cycle I’ve added 4 bottles of primo ace tabs and his Tren ace only 1 bottle completely together transformed my body.
Would be nice to order 3 bottles and do a proper TREN cycle but my libido was definitely down on it even on proviron 50 mg a day run every day. And caber .5 x2-3 a week
That’s why I opted on test Ace and felt like it kept me up a little but still was a little harsh on the libido.. As you know trials and errors we always try things and see what works for us.

On another note: I’ll be looking forward to see your progress thank your brother I appreciated that . I feel great at the moment on his hCG full on one of my best PCT Pharma Nolva (Deva) &Tiesto in the background ..
Still Power and weights are the same still up maybe 5% less

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AP is goated-- var and liquid clen are top notch.

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omg. that's an insanely good offer. I can vouch for the var pumps that it's the real deal. Definitely going to stock up this month!

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Wow that's a nice deal buy 2 g 1 for 200mg primo for $85 each. Get it while it's hot boys.

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BoomShakalaka he’s on fire

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Crazy promo!! Putting a sale on arguably, two of the most expensive products is awesome man. Much respect for doing that AP.