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+ 2 $200 Promo: BIOTEQ LABS, SARMs, Ultima and much more!

valid through: 2022-01-25

Feel free to choose 1 out of our 5 promo options:

  1. $200 Store Credit - ULTIMA PHARMACEUTICALS - $170 products/$30 shipping -

  2. $200 Store Credit - SEXUAL WELLNESS LINE - $170 products/$30 shipping -

  3. $150 Store Credit - SARMS LINE - $150 products/$30 shipping -

  4. $150 Store Credit - BIOTEQ LABS - $120 products/$30 shipping -

  5. $100 Store Credit - ALL PRODUCT LINE - $70 products/$30 shipping


  • For our active and faithful members.
  • For new members who never ordered or joined a promo before.

Minimum karma to join is 10. If eligible, please send a PM to join. Dispatch after 2022-01-25.

All our other active PROMOS here:

TD pics, cycle logs, reviews and blood results are always welcomed.

Ask an IFBB pro:


  • Please acknowledge that promo order processing is a totally different service than our regular website orders, we process them only one day per week, so you should expect longer delivery and reply times .

  • Promo orders can have products from only one Warehouse

  • Please make sure your review meets the established standards:

Thank you,
Steroidify Team

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The first source I’ve ever bought from and promo’d with. Truly reliable.

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I’d like to try your sexual wellness promo

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@Steroidify this member is at the review limit and in 4 recent promos he has yet to review. If you send him free gear he won't be able to review and rate your source page because he is going to lose all his karma for promo whoring. He also won't be able to review and rate until enough of his reviews are older than 12 months. Check the promo whore blacklist post, his review count, and his account track if you need proof. If you send JoeyV free gear you will most likely get no review & rating in return.

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Thank you for letting us know!

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sent friend request count me in for this promo

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OK. We will reply shortly.