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Shoud Price affect rating as much as Quality?

Yes, both are equally important to me.
42% (198 votes)
Quality is more important than price.
41% (194 votes)
Price shuld not count towards score at all.
5% (25 votes)
Price shold have 75% less weight than Quality.
4% (18 votes)
Price shold have 50% less weight than Quality.
6% (27 votes)
Price shold have 25% less weight than Quality.
3% (12 votes)
Total votes: 474
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Price to Quality ratio has been a discussion worty issue since we introduced rating here.
Please vote.

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Yay, I finally voted for the second time in my life. First time was to kick Tara Reid off Sharknado 4. And look how that vote turned out. She was still there!

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Voted! Great topic.

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Excellent topic! I'm a bit surprised at the results so far though.

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How come bud?

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I'm a bit surprised too, I'd expect people to care more about quality rather than price.
Did I word the question wrong?

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Question was worded perfectly. And yes, these are medications, powerful ones, that we are putting in our bodies. Quality should be number one priority. Perhaps those in disagreement are thinking dosage, which is part of quality control. However I'm thinking overall quality, sterility, carrier oils or pill binders. Theres much more to consider than a product being a few milligrams off. I'm willing to pay the extra money.'s picture

I would say there are probably some members who do not understand the poll, or what there really voting for.

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You only get one body, money comes and goes. voted.

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I am definitely about quality first.

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Strange results. Quality all day every day.

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I was quality too. Like most things in life you get what you pay for.

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Quality matters more but not at any price. 2:1 ratio seems about right for me. But I’ll only buy gear that I think is quality. There’s a lot of competition out there right now so I think it helps keep the price down on quality gear making it affordable for me.

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More garbage out there than good nvm competition.

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This is a tough one because Quality is definitely more important but also much more subjective. Now if quality was based upon member's getting gear tested or blood work that's a different story. HMMM!

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If your getting bad or bunk gear it could be free its still garbage...quality comes 1st price second...if the quality is there than legit competition from good sources should keep price in check as a member of this site I'd say quality is really what we want on here from all sources isn't that why we are all here to find real quality gear..

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Quality is far and away more important to me personally. I've had good quality gear that was cheaper than others but the quality didn't follow from vial to vial. One was good one was whoa wtf. That's when I toss it. I've tossed more than I've used over the six years I've been here. So I'll pay a premium for a premium product

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Wasnt sure on percentage less so i clicked 50%. Ive had awesome inexpensive gear. And not great expensive. Quality is everything

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Quality at a fair price.

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Depends on what a persons take on quality is. I would interpret the question as quality = acutely dosed, no contamination or floaters. In which case Quality>price all day everyday.

But I think many would simplify the quality to- the dose only, which although at first thought I’d be like “nah bro fuck that!” I buy UGL gear all the time (As do 99% of us) so I’d be a hypocrite to say I wasn’t gambling on the dose being the same as it is in the label as even my most used brands come out with poor bloods from time to time.

I think many would be surprised about who their favourite domestic source actually is and the manner in which the oil is made. I mean we’ve all seen mug shots of busts and I’ve seen plenty of photos on here of notorious pubic hair in vials..

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I think many would be surprised by who their favourite domestic source actually is..

Very telling statement indeed Mr More :0

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Sorry about the cat hair in the NPP mate, Mr Meowsie is always walking over my laboratory equipment..

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Keep it in. RE: tequila worm Blum 3 tasty.'s picture

Quality should count for 75% of the rating , Price should be 25% .

Price matters only to the point that it keeps the sources competitive , But Price should never come at the sacrifice of Quality.

We are after all putting this stuff in our bodies.

The sources on here that put Price before Quality are putting us all at risk .

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Quality and only quality. I presently get 15 - 1ml vials of 200mg/ml for the price of $24 total.

By employing Goodrx at WalCENSOREDgreens and medicare.


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Quality is 75% more important than price alone, but price should count towards score to keep it balanced and competitive with sources. This would stop the possibility of huge inflation in price by sources.

I think all sources should have to produce HPLC testing on products they stock to ensure and prove quality, then price and T/A would be the only competitiveness.

We all want good clean dosed gear!!

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You should add another choice for people who only get their gear through promos

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I got a chuckle out of that. Quality, price, or the free gear you get year round from promo's. Lol

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I voted: Quality is more important than price.
I would like to take a minute to explain what "quality" means to me.
To me quality gear is first and foremost SAFE to use. I'm a clean freak. When I first get vials I check to make sure crimps are tight. A little bit of turning with force is not an issue, I've seen prescription pharma grade vials of Test C that with some force crimps could be turned, this is not an issue especially if you have strong hands. If a vial is leaking though it goes in the trash...if gear can leak out then contaminants can get in. I check the vials for debris, any vial with debris in it goes in the trash. I then wipe the entire vials (caps and all) with single use alcohol wipes. And I store my vials in a sterile container with a lid that I wipe with alcohol wipes occasionally. My gear doesn't sit in an old shoebox or on a dusty shelf. I wipe stoppers before and after drawing. I wipe injections sites before and after pinning too. I use a lot of single use alcohol wipes.

Second: quality gear to me is also gear that is exactly what it says it is on the label or packet. And is dosed exactly or very close to what it says it is dosed at on the label or packet. I would rather have a vial of Test C 10mg underdosed than 75mg overdosed. It's important to me to know what I'm putting in my body and how much of it.

Price matters of course. I can not afford to pay $200 for every 10mL vial of Test.

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Well said. Contaminated gear can cause infections. Hell you could get a limb amputated.

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Quality quality quality

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Hello BFG,

I’m suspecting this might influence how the new version will weigh sources in ranking/score ... on that note, it would be nice to have a feature that will sort in either direction. Not sure if the interface would easily allow it or if it triggers additional hours to implement. If the latter is the case, I’d prefer quality over price ... as we all know, the sources are always fluctuating in price via discounts or price increases... I notice less established labs prices start cheaper and start to creep up after they gain trust and grow a loyal following.'s picture

I have a quick question who is Writing / Creating this new website ?

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Quality is no1 in my book would definitely pay more for well dosed clean gear.

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Hell yes and hear you know is not contaminated!!!

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Price for 10ml highest quality bottle of testosterone shouldn't be a dime above $40

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... In a perfect world sterility and things like floaters shouldn’t be considered in quality it should just be dosage and the gear working as it should. If you get a junk bottle or a bottle with floaters you’d think it would get replaced. It’s sad that’s something you have to pay for, and not a standard.

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Quality is my #1 concern. Peace of mind is worth more than a few extra dollars to me.

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Quality is key in my opinion, usually go for the cheaper option if I know the labs are solid though lol

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Yes quality is all in all the main thing that matters...does no good getting gear that's fake or low dosed or dirty, even if it's free! Yet, same thing goes with price though.
Does no good having the best quality gear on the planet if it costs a lot, because no one (except for the handful of random people who have money to burn) will buy it.
Here's what I've learned in the 12 years I've been on eroids and actively ordering and running just about every cycle imaginable ...I've got gear from I'd say around close to 60 different sources over the years and always place small test orders before big purchases.
I always order the same exact thing (sust) because I know exactly how it affects me and am very aware of even the tiniest changes pos or neg...
Now I started out paying 60 per bottle of sust 250, 3 different sources and all seemed way under dosed.
I then decided to go with a few pharma grade ones and paid around 80 to 90 per...those were ok, not as good as what I'd been used to locally but not weak either.
So one day a promo from big d pops up and he had sust 300 for $25...I bought 20 bottles and gave 4 to 3 friends and myself and that shit did us all amazing!
Worst pip I've ever had but shit was potent.
Well I finally got some testing done on some of the diff sources and I have found that the more they cost the more they tend to be underdosed or at best right round the stated mg...whereas the shit I'd get from if labs for 25 bucks was almost always 10-25% over the stated mg.
All in all I got about the same pip from all sources equally (mostly none, if using eo as the carrier I got super wrecked no matter who it came from or how strong it was) WHY pay double to triple or more for it?
Also most if labs I get it from dose 300 or 350mg/ml whereas most pharma is 250 or less!
I also find that I get better customer support and faster shipping buying the cheaper stuff than going through some massive company overseas!
The best sust I've ever ran in my life I got from an up and coming source about 3 years ago during a promo, $17 per bottle 350mg...ordered 10 bottles as well as 10 tren a for 25 each, he sent me 15 sust and 15 tren!....ended up going to the dark side and started scamming people a few months later, took me for $500 and dissapeared .
Sorry for the rant but I feel like it's a big thing that people reply need to be aware of.
Aas production is cheap as can make a killing at $5 bottle there's no reason to pay damn near a bill for it!
You don't have to sacrifice quality for cost....u just have to do your research, read reviews, talk to members, place a small test order and try it'll see you can get some damn good aas, just as potent and just as sterile if not more than "pharma" grade aas, at leas than half the cost.

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