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I am fat, hairy and small.

I will get HUGE, LEANER and still likely be hairy over next several weeks but now you two have someone you can make fun of and become friends.

We are BROTHERS here. It is OK to argue and fight but its time to go back to encouraging each other!!!


Be BLESSED brothers!!!

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Monsters do exist lol! Good stuff brother that back shot is no joke

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Still growing my man???

Good job! Hitting goals feels so damn good

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Hey ST,

I'm still hovering between 227-230 (nude AM weight) which is pretty good but as always, have those "what would I look like at 250lbs" since I've hit 238lbs at my heaviest.

I'm being very lax on my eating but training and sleeping is very good. I'm heehawing about hitting that new goal Grow Season goal or just staying where I am but eating cleaner and basically just changing my body composition.

With covid-19 making it so hard to predict what pro qualifier shows will/will not go in 2021 its my excuse for the delay in making that decision.

Strong chance that waiting until fall/winter is smarter so that I don't waste time/money/bodily stresses prepping (twice again) for a show that cancels due to covid-19 concerns of others.

Appreciate the shout out and hope you're having some fun hitting any goals you set out yourself!

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+1 fucking giant ! Im so jealous of that back!

Hey, you get bacne like me . They made adapalene legal to sell over the counter . After years of trying different protocols i finally found something that really works . Gotta use it everyday but even mid cycle i stay near zero back acne. Look it up!

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The scars are from chicken pox...nasty bout when I was kid however I do get mild backne whenever I shave my magic carpet off my back. LOL.

I don't personally worry about it and whenever I prep for shows and eat much cleaner things clear up pretty well without issue.

Still check that out at some point though. Thanks for the tip.

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I know I commented but it didn't record. Damn big motha fffer. +2 all day. Representing basic and pcom

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Yes sir!

Representing ALL day EVERY day.

Thank you sir.

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Big man with a big funny bone. Respect bro!

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Just trying to keep myself and everyone else a little more sane every day!

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Thank you saffire!

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Huge !!!! +1

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Appreciate it Trenorex

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Boooom fucking huge!

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Still working on it trash. Thank you

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If you can't be pretty...be FREAKING HUGE. LMAO

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Very much appreciate Pale.

I'm hoping for a couple more years of solid gains and then we'll have to rethink the new prototype!

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Waah insane bro theres my goal right there where you are can I ask you age sir? +

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Not quite 45 sir.

Thank you.

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I respect you bro ... an impressive physique (I have written several times that you have incredible characteristics) but I especially like what you write .... a brain that works properly, a direct and effective analysis with a great sense of reality. ..respect!+1

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+++ huge bro! No homo...

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Thank you Bulkdaddy.

Hope you two are playing nice today! =)

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Real mass....B O O M!

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Just kicking into 5th gear Rusty!!!

See what we can do in the next few years for gains.

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33yrs ago I started.

Hyper focused for 30 of them!

Thank you

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Your a monster! I doubt many would call you fat to your face. Great attitude!

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Damn when I am out in public I’m always bigger than most men but here on this site and at my gym I feel puny!!!

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We come here to learn and GROW!!!

Pushing each other and ENCOURAGING each other, this is what this site is about.

Been plenty of freaks on this site and just doing my best to be a freak in my own rite.

Growing is getting easier as I get older for some reason and my body is responding like never before.

Better gear, more food and optimal training...life's lessons the hard long route.

YOU GOT IT BILL, just keep grinding brother!

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I think John meadows echoed that sentiment and attributed it to age related metabolic decline, slower metabolism = easier to grow. (In addition to the wealth of knowledge accumulated).

You’ve got one of the best attitudes and what makes a lasting impression is the physique PLUS the man behind it. Much respect and good will for you heading into the new year, can’t wait to see what it brings.

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Thank you and appreciate you Bearded!

With everything we're throwing in at times along with the food (Just restarting a grow season) I'm wondering about the decline.

I think I'm just doing better at eating to perform and grow along with making adjustments on the supplements with it.

Whatever it is, I'll take it!

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You know I think I’m making gains since I retired.
I think getting off machines and going back to basic free weight exercise had made a difference for me.
I also have time to eat every two hours.

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Your retired and still up at 5 am every day??? I know this because when I’m on my way to work at 5 am your always on.

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I still work but it’s a laid back, no stress job.
It’s definitely not a Coal Mine..

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I am using more plate loaded hammer strength and avoiding certain compound movements like the plague.

NO squats under a bar and no traditional bench press. Substituting with all the plethora of options for legs (hack squat, squat press, leg press, v-squats) and varying foot positions and stance distances. Far safer for me and no more worries on flexibility.

Interesting how we all react differently but what is to be noted is that we are open to CHANGE as once your body adapts to any particular training format, you need new stimuli to push through plateaus.

Agreed, semi-retired and plenty of time to eat!!! (Just need to get off my lazy train and do that better)

Yes, I realize that your body cannot distinguish what type of equipment you are using. I was referring to changes in your training that can be done more efficiently with safer equipment

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I hear you on the "no squats " ethos. There's a few of us older guys at the gym who feel the same way. I avoid putting any weight above the shoulder axis w/out some back support.
You have the right attitude as well my man. Keep at it. You're in top form.

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When I started I was 142 pounds. I gained 40 pounds naturally. The first 20 pounds came in six months the next 2 took four years. I started gear two years ago and DAMN it worked good. This training saved my life and improved my life in every way just from the discipline. Thanks for the positive words. You would make a great dead head lol.

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Excellent progress.

Not sure what a dead head is but I am happy to do my best to keep it POSITIVE on here!

We're all grinding through the current bullshit that keeps trying to limit our Life and Liberty but I am confident soon enough things will settle and back to NORMAL.

There is NO new normal for me.

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Solid work bro +

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Thank you roider

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12lb difference from the 1st to the last 2 photos within 11months.

Little added fat but I think we got a little muscle on the frame.


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Tren guilty? lol +1

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Actually no.

I've used in way back in the day (15yrs ago) for a 10week cycle.

Then I never used it again until my comeback show in 2017 at about 250mg/week for 5weeks as it was in a mix with winstrol from i-fit.

Used it again in my 2019 show at about 500-700mg/week for 4weeks.

Test drove it earlier this year again for about 8weeks total during comp prep but show cancelled.

Tren is something I have a high level of respect for and using it sparingly considering I've been on gear for over 25yrs.

I'm sure I could reap some serious growth during a Grow Season or a hefty lean up but the shit it can/will potentially do to your brain makes me stay on the side of caution.

I react well to it for sure and can handle 700mg of A a week no problem at 100mg daily much less E. Far to many other options for prep much less GROW SEASON with less long term repercussions.

Early 40's brother...I still have a little time to make a real whirl with it but time is ticking and honestly I have a blessed life.

A few more pounds on this 5'5" frame the hard way just seems too reckless for my life experience ;)

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Glad to see someone like-minded in here. Keep grinding brother. Can’t imagine carrying that much mass and I’m an inch taller than you. Impressed with all that progress you’ve made and kept a cool head on your shoulders above all.

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Thank you and you as well switch

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No one on the street would look at you as fat. Your a massive monster +