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  • warp789   •   Thu, Jul 2nd, '20 11:49   •   6 replies, 309 views

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Ultima Pharmaceutical's "Ultima-Enan" Review

Ultima Pharmaceuticals is a steroid manufacturer from India.

Ultima-Enan is a 10ml vial containing 250mg/ml of testosterone enanthate. Each comes in a little box the same way pharmaceutical grade medicines do. The box includes manufacturing and expiration date, composition, storage indications and a space for authentication code to check if its genuine or fake. In this case the boxes dont have any codes but this is sometimes normal.

There's also a leaflet with important information like mechanism of action, indications, contraindications (this is mispelled on the leaflet and says contradictions), precautions, drug interactions and dosage.

The vials are sealed, one of the tops has a little malformation but the seal is intact so its not really a problem. Of course under them, theres a rubber stopper which you should disinfect every time you are going to draw oil as part of the procedure.

The label contains the same information as in the box. Manufacturing and expiration date are the same in both places. Labels are perfectly placed as done with a machine and not by hand, and most importantly all vials contain the same level of oil, which indicates the measurings done while manufacturing were perfectly accurate, good sign.

Despite not being a giant like Bayer, normally Indian manufacturers can be considered pharma grade, as they are legal companies and employ qualified workers.

10/10 rating despite the small flaw on the top which is just a silly thing. Thank you Steroidify for the product.


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  • BullDozer5
  • 1 month ago

Thanks for the pics man
Have been researching Ultima and it's a brand I am interested in but can't find a supplier in the UK

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  • andrejcutler
  • 1 month ago

good pick!

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  • Sam I Am
  • 1 month ago

Why not leave the source a vote and proper review?

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Because this is just a photo review of the outside.

I will do the review of the substance when i pin it.

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  • Dudeman24
  • 1 month ago

Love Ultima

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  • Sosa123
  • 1 month ago

Damn warp , I love how u put effort into this post .... I got some Ultima coming too brother man good shit!