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+ 15 Ugfreak Anavar 5 week cycle


Starting a 5 week run of UGFREAK Anavar this is my before pic. Current weight is 215lbs I’m looking to add few more lean pounds to my body and get my lower abs to come in more defined. I’m currently on a high caloric intake 4K+ per day.

Week 1. 20mg split dose
Week 2. 30mg
Week 3. 40mg
Week 4. 50mg
Week 5. 50mg

At end week one and already feeling the pump and muscle getting harder. Weight is up 1lb with no major changes to diet.

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Finished cycle. Over all I give the Anavar a solid 7. I only made it up to 40mg per day due to side affects that I can’t contribute solely to this oral. I’ve used Anavar multiple times over the years and this one was legit and did everything it was suppose to just wish I could have got the milligrams up another 20mg but cons out weighed the end goal. Had way to much acid reflux to point I was missing meals and having to rely on OTC medicines to eat. It’s been about 4 day since getting off and most the reflux is gone.

I will put up final pic this week.

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End Week 2 update:

Weight: This week weight went up 3lbs but by end week went back down to 215lb. No major diet changes assuming it was just water weight.

Strength: Was able to add few extra pounds to every lift. Rep quantity went up this week seemed like I had more gas in tank from prior week.

Pump: Getting better with every day. Lowered the dose on pre work out and still was getting great vascularity and rounder muscle bellies during workout.

Sides: Blood pressure seemed out wack everyday about a hour after taking the Anavar. The second dose was pre workout without any sides.

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Also missed this note once I moved to 30mg acid reflux has become a common side effect. I normally don’t have any issues but it’s acting up since I raised dose. Taking Papaya enzymes seems to relieve it a bit but still sucks. Any other suggestions other than tums or OTC meds?

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One teaspoon of baking soda mixed with 4 oz of lemon juice and 12 oz of water.

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Allergic to lemons.. Wonder if it will work without that

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It won't work as well. Try removing all high FODMAP foods for like a week and see what happens.

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Great physique and insane vascularity - Keep doing what you're doing.

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The Anavar is doing it job. Pump has been really good and starting see strength increases on bench this week.

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Killing it bro

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Thank you!! I’m 15days out from
Beach --. Trying to work on the details now!!

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Awesome bro! Thanks for the tag.

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No problem thank you for a great product.

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Looking awesome man hard work shows.

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Appreciate the compliment sir !!!

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Look very good bro
when it's over var sure will impress us
great work Smile

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Thank you excited to see the results and post after pictures

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eat a lot, grow slow and steady, not taking crazy doses of anabolics... That's what I approve. Keep up the good work man.

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Learnt this the long way slow and steady gains are healthier . Clean diet and supps and very moderate doses of gear. Body feels better, can concentrate with my job and life without the sides from drugs.

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Agreed. The sides at my age seem to be more pronounced like blood pressure etc, I find my ceiling supplement wise and maintain it.

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I know what you mean bro. Personally I feel much better with low doses of any substance and my results are still somewhat comparable to guys who take five times more... Its all about the plan and patience Smile

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Yeh unless I was competing or something I don’t see need for any higher doses cons out way the pro’s

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looking perfect sir!

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Appreciate the kind words! Everything is dialing in for me now

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Looking awesome!

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Thank you sir trying

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Looking great man. You have that diet figured out for sure

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Long time no talk! Hope your well Bro! As for diet I need clean up some of the junk in it but to hit my caloric numbers I cheat it for sake convenience lol but this next 3 weeks going clean it up

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look at those shapes and veins good job lad
how long youve been training?

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Been training roughly 12 year didn’t pick a weight up till I was in my 30’s at a starting weight of 170lbs 6”2 I was super skinny. Still have a lot to figure out to over come some genetic dispositions and injury’s that’s slowed some body part down.

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Good gains

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Appreciate that thank you

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Thank you

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Looking good. Sounds like the var is doing its job

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Yes it’s definitely working . Can’t wait see final results

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Your before pic looks like it could be an after pic. Nice work!

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Well thank you very much I appreciate that. I train hard

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Vascular and Lean +1

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Thank you. I’m 1 month from
44 smh lol Trying stay young

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How much test u running?

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My apologies current supplements below…
750mg Sustanon per week
400mg Tren Ace. Per week
25mg Mk-677 daily