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US domestic order from Steroidify. So much more domestic choices nowadays, very nice variety. No more anticipation of possible seizure by USCBP. Ordered some pharma anastrozole, PCom tren hex....my favorite tren ester and Ultima mastp to go along with my other Ultima mast/NPP...same with the anavar. I like running all the same lab products if possible, but prefer human grade out of all....who doesn't lol
Thanks Steroidify!

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Nice order, it's always nice to be able to get pharma anastrozole domestically or any other pharma ancillary for that matter. +1

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Facts. Can't beat pharma grade domestically. Bypassing customs and avoiding seizures....that piece of mind is priceless like pharmaceutical grade compounds. I only use human grade for ancillaries. Hard to trust UGL in general, even harder for ancillaries. I see some "liquid caber" and laugh when people complain of leaky nips even after using 2ml/day of it lol

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Thanks and for sure. Keep you posted

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