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Starting my mini cut (8 weeks)


Currently weighing at 272, goal is to cut for 8 weeks and drop about 20 lbs.
Then I will determine whether I should continue or maintain or bulk.
Would really like to bring up my delts and arms and legs to massive levels on my next bulk.

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That is going to look really good cut up a bit.

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Sounds like a plan. Looking forward to the 'after' pic!

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Cuttin season

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F63 you’re a beast. What’s you cutting diet like?

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For now I just cut my carbohydrate sources by almost 60% compared to when I was bulking. I will start tracking after I lose like 10 pounds.
Its just mostly meals of rice, beans corn and ground beef OR chicken+ pineapple teriyaki.

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Looking massive bro ! Good luck with the cut