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+ 17 Spring cut turned into a summer bulk


I was around 10-12% at the start of March and the start of this current cycle. I wanted to take it to single digits and be shreds but I ended up going full bulk mode to make the most of the gear.

I don’t weigh myself but I would guess I’m around 16-18% now. I’ll carry on gradually upping the calories and then reassess once the bulk is finished.

Currently week 9 on Test/Tren/Mast - all enanthate. I ran some Superdrol inj around March time for 2 weeks and proviron here and there.

Training has been on point- running a PLP program in my garage with only free weights. Press/row/squat movements in different variations have been the bulk of each workout which I think has contributed to more density to my frame. The last 2 years I’ve worked hard on my legs which although are still embarrassing are slowing progressing so cut me some slack, most you fuckers cut out your legs of your selfies (don’t think we don’t notice).

Diet to begin with trial and error with not really knowing what my maintenance calories were due to a career break, no access to the gym and being a lot less active then I previously was. Protein has always been kept well above 250g and I get plenty of healthy fats in my diet.

Cardio 3/4 times a week for 15 minutes on a treadmill or punch bag, heart rate kept above 135BPM.

My children are my workout partners, supplying me with chalk, spotting me and always trying to throw more weight onto the bar. I love to see them taking an interest in the lifestyle and hope to be able to continue to share this passion as they grow up.

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Cute photo with your kid on the weight bench mate!! I bet you make a great dad bud :-)

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Thanks bro, both are killing circuits with me in the garden. I’m lucky to spend a lot fo time with them.

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Start em young! Good to see you doing well. I’ve been off here for a while but the boredom at work has kicked in again, so I’m back looking around. Looking great!

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Nothing like a bit of eroids to pass the time! Cheers bro, my kids love training with a bag and boxing than lifting weights. Welcome back

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Solid work!!!

Keep it going.

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GrowMore. Way to roll with the punches - changing up shred to bulk and making the best out of situations. Shows strong character and the ability to get shit done. Great job bro. Always great to see your pics and keep us all honest. Your one of the good ones. Thanks for the motivation to keep on moving forward. Love the kids involved early. Great example for them and us. Just wait one day you will sit back like me with 2 kids in there early 20’s and one more 17
Sit back and say dabm LIFE IS GOOD.

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Are you telling me there is another child my future? It would be a shock but a welcome one! I’ve got 2 already at a 18 month age gap.. I’m not wishing the time away but I can’t wait to see them that age, enjoying life as young adults and caving out something of their very own.

Thanks for the support and kind words bro, it’s a great community to be a part of, seeing yours and other members progress photos helps squeeze out that last rep and stick to my diet.

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+2 good progress
Tren and Mast go together well from my experience too

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Thanks bro. Yes they go hand in hand in my exp. NPP and mast e stack well also

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Killin it bro! Always good to see the fellow father's and husband out there setting such good examples for the little ones!

My legs are smaller. So I win. Lmao fuckers take a while to grow

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You know it brother. All about being a role model.

You’ve had a lot more time out than I have recently but I’ll still take that, thanks for all the support

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Great shape. I take my kids to the gym too and tell them how life is so much better and girls are easier to get when you train. +

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I’m fully with you on that. I didn’t have anything until I started training and that’s when things started to progress in life.

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+2. Shoulders are improving dramatically.

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Great to hear from you mate and thanks, I’ve always hit them with lateral raises and volume.

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Looking great brother.. Always a stand up dude... +

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Thanks mate, slowly making progress. Investing in a home gym has made it a little easier.

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solid the ink too

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Thanks my man. I’m planning on either the neck or leg sleeve next.

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Its bulking season....and season is good.

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Nothing better than getting icecream and the occasional cookie with the family.

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High five to that! I bet youre below 12% though. All abs visable. Enjoy the run!

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Great down lighting and a pump make a hell of a difference, I’m no where near 12% but I appreciate support. I’m somewhere between 16-18% but it’s almost impossible to say for sure without getting the science out.

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great work brother always in good shape

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I appreciate the support mate, the community helps keep me in check.

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Looking solid and lean. Great job, hard work pays off!!
(thanks for posting)

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Nice one. I’m impressed with pharmaQo Tren e. I’ve already got my next cycle mapped out but I’m looking into the ment50 in the range if you’ve tried it?

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Hey bro, no I have not tried it yet but it is on the list. I see people saying good things about ment, allot of strength and mass gains rapidly. Sounds fun.

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Looking Great Mate!! :-)

Can you imagine the playground boasting scenario your kids could have - 'My dads bigger than yours - Yeh well our dads on Test & Tren and could smack the shit out of yours!!!' Hahaha LMAO

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Thanks mate. They’re crazy and will probably be the ones trying to fight me!

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I wish I could give more than 2, nice bro! Keep it up, this world needs more people with good core values

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Cheers fella, trying to keep being hungry for it.

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You always have a great attitude brother. Looks like your working hard and heading in a positive direction. My kids are way past the stage that it's cool to hang out with dad though. Enjoy this time for sure!

Ps, my legs are skinnier!

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Horses for corses and all that mate but I’ll be happy if they want to get into fitness. Thank you for the support, seems with Covid and all the problems which followed it’s one step forward and two back!

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Mine looks around the same age, she’ll also try to sneak another 5lb plate on there. Only problem is she doesn’t understand yet that it needs to be equal on both sides lol. I’m happy to see another dad that includes the kiddos in the lifestyle. Much better than video games and cell phones!
Keep up the hard work buddy, we’ve all been in that spot before where a cut suddenly turns to a bulk cycle lol funny how that happens.

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Haah, yes that happened on my last set of RDL which throws you right off.

Cheers bro, with Covid and not having access to a gym it was the smart move to make once I did have use of my own equipment to try and build back much of the muscle I lost.