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Current physique, managing to get a session in daily but it's difficult with only 12.kg and 30kg dumbells to work with until the gyms reopen back up in the UK. Currently cruising on 150mg per week until the gyms open then big push for 2021 I'll be doing my first show if all goes to plan

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Maintaining some solid size with limited resources. Way to not let anything stand in your way of reaching those goals. Much luck on your upcoming push for the that stage appearance come 2021!

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Had to give it a thumbs up

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Appreciated bro

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Looking great mate. No homo lol +2

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Thanks bro!

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What brand test are you using? How you feeling on 150 a week, my test is rock bottom lol

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Currently on the dp test e 250 mate 0.6 ml a week and honestly i feel great. I was 6 weeks in to a test and tren e cycle when lockdown hit decided to drop straight back down to cruise as soon as the tren was peaking it was a tough time mentally being locked away no gyms open and my hormones all over the place haha