+ 2 Raisethebar Test E 250


5wk mark TRT routine
.7ml Monday
.3ml Thursday
Diet and exercise 5x a week

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I have talked to a few guys on TRT that were pinning 1x a week and they said they felt better after splitting their dosage in half and pinning twice a week, every 3.5 days. This is the first I have heard of someone splitting their dosage unevenly.

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why .7 and .3 rather than half and half, that just sounds like fluctuation city and acne if youre prone

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That’s a very specific dose protocol, what’s your reasoning behind having it 0.7/0.3 vs 0.5/0.5

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I get the reasoning, give a bump as the ester starts coming down from its peak, without the next full dose. At least that's what I'm guessing his thoughts are. But with the drugs half life its not at all necessary. Even split. And lets not forget 250mg weekly is not TRT. The bloodwork reflects that. Gotta give some props to the gear, definitely looks dosed properly.

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The TRT clinic I use to go to had me doing 1ml of test c 200 just once a week. I like doing twice and starting the week a little higher and then a little bump to carry me to the next pin. I work out M-F. For me it works. My body has always tolerated test very well. Even 20yrs ago when I was doing 600mg/wk I had almost zero sides beside a little backne.

I’m by no means a pro or anything. I only advocate people to do what works best for them.

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same, 250mg is not trt thats a mini blast

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I agree.
The 200 a wk I was getting at the clinic I use to go to was plenty sufficient.

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I agree with that.


But when it comes to blood level I just use this and try my best to make it as even as possible, obviously someone could do ED injections always but that’s not practical, so I use this as a tool to help finding my levels

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That is an amazing tool. Thanks buddy. I saved that site to my phone. I’d give you a + if I could on here.

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I hope a lot of people see this, its a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing big guy