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Small order from roidsbazaar.. 1st time ordering and delivered to me In the UK 8 days. Fantastic turnaround, will leave a review after giving it a whirl.

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I tried finding this brand on their website but it wasn’t there is this from roidbazaar?

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Yes mate ordered from roidbazaar. I actually ordered satan pharma test cypionate.. But they sent me these. All codes verified on PhD remedies website. Will give a review after using it.

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Well be sure to include in your review that the source sent you some unknown brand brewed in India instead of what you ordered.

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Dang bro you’re finally getting around to using that!?


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Ye bro as shred777 pointed out. I honestly did think my gym bros across the pond are gonna think he's posting about gear he received in Feb. But glad shred777 pointed it out thanks

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They put the day/month/year in that order in the UK.
It translates to November 2nd 2021

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Lmao literally just learned something new that’s pretty legit!

Thanks shred!

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Box looks like it sat in a hot attic in India for 20 years.

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