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  • OlympicLats   •   Wed, Mar 20th, '19 06:44   •   6 replies, 230 views

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All thanks to The Sergeant, thank you sir for making it possible. 200 iu of Q's which have been testing just as good as pharma. I was in need and jumped on this special. Blood work coming soon


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  • ProjectMayhem_
  • 3 weeks ago

I just picked up 5 kits of Q and I feel great. When I take more than 3iu at one time I get that CT feel in joints. I actually like the feeling tbh lol. Let us know how your experience goes because I haven't seen much on this brand but I do know they are down the street from the jintropin plant.

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  • haapinessgains
  • 4 weeks ago

I have two kits on the way as well. I'm thinking we're going to see some very good lab results on these. Let's just hope that when those come in, the price is still stay good. I know sometimes when companies get good Labs back It means it's time to Jack the price up. Hope that's not the case here because I'm definitely plan on doing a lot of business with this guy is everything turns out good to go. So far everything has been awesome as far as labs and customer service. Ready to get these going. Staying on the same regiment I've been on 6iu eod and 2iu eod 7 days a week.

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  • Dobermann
  • 4 weeks ago

Yep went through like 10 or so.its pure and genuine hgh.
And i've used real genotropin for yrs from my local srs and i felt no diff on these.and i got bloods in my profile to prove it.enjoy bro good gh:)

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Thanks for your input, glad to hear that this product has been tried and tested and approved

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  • Gymfoam86
  • 4 weeks ago

just finished up the end of our 9th kit of qi's, and I have been so happy with them, within weeks me and my gf were feeling improvements in hair, skin, nails... sleep and digestion improved, overall couldnt be happier with product... switched to another top ug brand here but only out of timing

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Thanks for chiming in as I appreciate hearing about your experiences whether good or bad. 9 kits, wow thats says alot especially if you stayed with one particular brand. I figure a year of growth would have me taking about 1300ius at 5iu a day.

Im excited about these and I have already began seeking the results. If you dont mind can I send you a FR?