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Forehead photo for tron. Triple dog dared by public Im doing it !

My ac separation has been healed for a while I ended my last cycle at 199 tops but i think it was good because I leveled around 197.... not bad for not being able to exercise at all for 3 months I’ll take it... honestly I usually lose a lot more of my gains but oh well... I’m not on nothing until I place and pick up an order but I have some stock. Going to do a bulk cycle. Yes I’ve cycled. Yes I know the consequences. I’ve done it all the wrong way when I was under 20 years old. So I have probably a stupid amount of cycles under my belt. With that being said I have a post about my past , which leads me to cycling more smart , and now I guess I have to watch for injuries. :( older now and smarter and guess what I actually pct now. I might actually draw bloods this cycle. Because as I’m reading I don’t get none of the sides u guys talk about never have, just some water retention if I stay on cycle for too long but I don’t do that no more so I’m just taking a shot in the dark with pct and the AI and stuff , never had deca dick or tren dick or whatever .... so idk going to follow a nice diet I have laid out and I’m gonna shoot for 30 pounds in 16 weeks .... I’ll post pics of my legs but I have bad knees so I kind of used last cycle as a stepping stone to see which exercises I can do regularly to avoid pain and I think I got a routine...

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Your Avi is classic. Never even seen anything close to something like that. It's either really smart or your shot the fck out. Lol. +1

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+2 for the verification pic lool

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You gonna start soon? Also are you going to post your cycle?

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Ya once I decide I’m im gonna run deca or not and when I get it all in my hand. I am gonna keep the pct on the side and the other stuff , I might be posting bloods mid cycle too this time Smile prolly something like an even 500 mg of each deca and test usually does my body just fine anything else is just too much might go test a little higher but I do well at those levels... but I’ll lay it out on a cycle log when I get it.

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Damn I didn't see you responded. Well consider lower test at least. I'm starting my Test-Deca cycle on Monday. 250 test and 500 Deca. This whole test/Deca thing has go e crazy with bro science and old parrots...the most compelling articles/posts I've read indicate that at a low test level with E2 in check is absolutely fine, even preferable due to less test sides. I believe @Beardedmuscle did a Deca cycle with test at around 100mg and Deca around 1000mg...he recently posted somewhere in here that he loved it, and had great success.
If you're on top of your blood work and managing your estrogen you shouldn't have problems at an equal level..but if your E2 rises and prolactin might wish you did blood work!
I've got caber and adex/asin stocked up. Nolva too. Can never be too prepared! Honestly my food bill is the's like 200 a week.. rediculous. The whole cycle cost less than that!

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I’ll do some reading, I never get sides other than a little water retention, so I know my levels have to be jacked but I don’t get physical indicators so I’m going to u get bloodwork at 8 weeks most likely , can I get a PM on a way to do it cheaply? Suggestions? I read that though about low test and high deca, maybe I’ll try it

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that's a good frame.. you can tell there was a lot of size on there before.. good news about that is MUSCLE MEMORY.. gonna bounce back FAST.. be sure to do an after pic as well.


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thanks, I have been 237 before so adding 30 with deca and test should be a breeze especially with a short dbol kicker... my food access with my side job will help tremendously...

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forehead got skills, good work

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Get it SHPLAH! good luck my man

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I think it shouldn’t be a problem since I’ve lacked on legs I could probably gain an easy 15-18lbs in just them now that I found a way to work em and get results

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Excuse my English when I’m in a rush I fuck grammar up.